Plateau soldiers urged to take care of skin with moisturiser

护肤不是矫情 高原官兵需做好防护

China Military Online
Li Jiayao

In March, the dry and sturdy wind still blows like knife in the western frontier where a regiment of the PLA Xinjiang Military Command (MC) stationed.


Platoon Commander Luan Xueliang, a newcomer to the western frontier, was stunned on a morning to see soldiers applying various skin care products to their faces. “How come today’s soldiers are so sissy,” he demanded, adding that his own grooming routine involved only a bar of soap.


Luan has always been a tough guy and he thought that soldiers must be masculine and therefore should say no to such skin care products. Skin care products are incompatible with the military training, Luan said.


Luan decided to do something. After a just-concluded training exercise, Luan said to his soldiers, “Men should focus their attention on training, not on their face. Only women have so many bottles of skin care products. True handsomeness is only carved by the wind and the frost.”


However, Luan noticed that his soldiers were not convinced at all.


Seeing all this, Company Political Instructor Zhang Wenjie corrected Luan, “There’s nothing wrong to cultivate the right dispositions in a soldier on the premise of sound health concepts. It should not come at the cost of the soldiers’ health.”


The plateau areas are of high altitude, the ultraviolet level is strong and the air is thin and dry. Some good habits suitable for low-altitude environment may not work well here. Excessive cleaning removes part of the grease that can provide protective effect, resulting in facial injuries, Zhang Wenjie added.


Zhang also said that the weather conditions in plateau areas are very harsh and therefore, in addition to paying attention to hygiene habits, the soldiers must apply skin care products in time. Without adequate facial protection, soldiers many suffer wind burn and blisters from the sun, Zhang told the new Platoon Commander: “It’s not being sissy for soldiers to use skin care products when necessary.”

“我在这里待了7年了,说咱‘戈壁滩上吹风刀’,这话一点也不假, 所以,除了注意卫生习惯,也要及时涂抹防护霜等,必要的护肤并非矫情,必要的防护不是娇气。” 张指导员说道。


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