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Ministry of National Defense

Ministry of National Defense confirms submarine stopover in Malaysia
The information office of China's Ministry of National Defense (MND) confirmed on Jan. 7 a stopover in Malaysia by a Chinese submarine.
01-09 17:05:42
China refutes US media's cyber-espionage accusation
China's defense ministry on Friday described the recent US media's cyber-espionage accusation as "groundless and bad act of smearing China."
01-07 00:57:53
China's high-ranking military officer under probe for graft
Wang Jianping, deputy chief of staff with the Joint Staff Department under the Central Military Commission, has been put under investigation for being suspected of taking bribes, Defense Ministry spokesperson Yang Yujun said Thursday.
12-29 23:33:48
Chinese military to join int'l army games in Russia
China's armed forces will take part in the 2017 International Army Games, hosted by Russia, Defense Ministry spokesperson Yang Yujun said at a press conference Thursday.
12-29 23:32:49

Military Services

China's aircraft carrier returns to port after drill
China's aircraft carrier formation returned to Qingdao port Friday after finishing a drill, the Chinese navy said Friday.
01-16 07:39:01
China's aircraft carrier formation passes through Taiwan Strait
A naval formation consisting of aircraft carrier Liaoning on Thursday passed through the Taiwan Strait en route to the South China Sea for drills and tests, said a spokesperson with the PLA Navy.
01-12 10:40:38
Chinese navy confirms ship-aircraft combined training in Sea of Japan
Aircraft of the Chinese naval aviation force conducted on Jan. 9 a combined training exercise in the Sea of Japan with a Chinese naval taskforce which was navigating through this sea area on a mission, PLA Navy spokesman Liang Yang confirmed on Tuesday.
01-11 10:25:15
Chinese aircraft carrier heads for West Pacific for blue water training
A Chinese navy formation, including the aircraft carrier Liaoning, headed towards the West Pacific on Saturday for scheduled blue water training, according to Chinese Navy spokesperson Liang Yang.
12-24 23:55:21

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

China expects to strengthen ties with U.S.
China on Thursday voiced its expectations that cooperation and bilateral ties with the new U.S. administration would continue to strengthen from a new starting point.
01-20 10:47:10
Sound China-India ties important to BRICS: Spokesperson
A sound China-India relationship is important to BRICS and developing countries at large, a spokesperson said Wednesday.
01-18 22:39:06
China angered by right-wing books at Japanese hotel
China on Tuesday was aghast at a Japanese hotel placing a book in its rooms, which denied that the Nanjing Massacre and the forced recruitment of "comfort women" ever happened.
01-18 08:40:45
China blasts Abe for meddling in South China Sea issue
China said on Monday that Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe attempted to drive a wedge between countries in the region by raising the South China Sea issue during his recent foreign trip.
01-16 23:41:01

Other Sources

Mainland reiterates one-China policy
The Chinese mainland Wednesday reiterated the one-China policy and firm opposition to countries that have diplomatic ties with China officially contacting Taiwan authorities in any form.
01-11 16:29:55
Mainland-Taiwan trade achieves progress: spokesperson
A mainland spokesperson said Wednesday that the mainland would bring up new policies to promote Taiwanese investment and boost cross-Strait cooperation in 2017.
01-11 16:23:41
Mainland official calls for jointly safeguarding cross-Strait peace, stability in 2017
Head of the State Council Taiwan Affairs Office on Saturday urged people from both sides of the Taiwan Strait to jointly safeguard cross-Strait peace and stability in 2017.
01-01 23:31:15
China urges U.S. to carefully handle Taiwan-related issue
A mainland spokesman Wednesday said the Taiwan issue is a domestic affair of China and the United States should carefully handle it by abiding by the one-China policy.
12-28 16:38:33