Libya's chaos displays western powers' egoism
Fighting has resumed in Libya after the LNA, a military force in the east of the country, advanced on the capital Tripoli on April 4 to fight with the Armed Forces of the GNA.
04-19 10:59:10
Russia-China naval cooperation has a great future
On the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the founding of China's navy, ships from all over the world will participate in the naval parade in Qingdao. Russia will also send two of its naval ships to take part in the joint maneuvers with the PLA Navy.
04-19 10:38:46
US using Taiwan question as ruse to interfere in China's internal affairs
Due to the US‘ stubborn Cold War mentality, China-US relations face severe challenges. The US' policies toward China are aimed at undermining the international environment for China’s rapid development.
04-17 08:30:21
Taiwan Act a US 'burden'
The influence of the Taiwan Relations Act (TRA) is gradually weakening and will become a burden for the US as the Taiwan question will be solved eventually, Chinese mainland analysts said on Wednesday.
04-11 08:41:10
Impact of Taiwan Relations Act dwindling
April 10 marks the 40th anniversary of the US' Taiwan Relations Act (TRA), which both the US and the island of Taiwan place great emphasis on.
04-12 09:00:33
PLA Daily: US "maximum pressure" increases instability in Middle East
The Iran nuclear deal is an important achievement of multilateralism and an international agreement endorsed by the UN Security Council. It should be fully and effectively implemented because it is conducive to peace and stability in the Middle East, and is also in line with the common interests of all countries.
04-09 20:40:14
No need to make fuss if US doesn't send warships to participate in Chinese Navy's 70th anniversary parade
China would not be surprised if the US State Department did make this decision as reported. The US State Department has been smearing China and continuously making some irresponsible and erroneous remarks recently.
04-09 11:16:12
Both sides of Taiwan Strait are Chinese territories
The Chinese mainland does not recognize the so-called "median line of the Taiwan Strait", since both sides of the Taiwan Strait belong to one China.
04-03 08:52:26
Integrity at core of China's modern military
During the seven years I was the spokesperson for China's Ministry of National Defense, I handled topics related to the country's peaceful development and modernization of its defense capabilities almost on a daily basis.
04-03 08:38:22
Taiwan can't gamble on cross-Straits crisis
Taiwan authorities claimed that People's Liberation Army fighter jets crossed the so-called "middle line" of the Taiwan Straits at Sunday noon. Will the Straits situation reach a new stage? Possibly, but not necessarily.
04-02 08:38:01
US playing Taiwan card risky
The alleged flight crossing the "middle line" of the Taiwan Straits by two People's Liberation Army fighter jets could be a strong response to "Taiwan independence" forces and the US, who increasingly plays the card of the island to provoke the mainland, analysts said.
04-02 08:40:01
Mixed feelings arise as Russiagate investigation wraps up
After 675 days, the Russiagate investigation involving more than 2,800 court summons, over 500 search warrants, and more than 500 witnesses finally came to an end.
03-29 16:32:33
US has less cards to play in Taiwan Straits
The US has overestimated its military power's deterrence of the mainland as well as Taiwan's wish to always serve as a US pawn. Washington has also underestimated Beijing's resolve and ability to take countermeasures. It has put itself in a dilemma.
04-03 09:14:00
Absence at PLA maritime parade will prevent US from learning about Chinese Navy: experts
Friends and global counterparts of China''s military will not be influenced if US warships do not participate in China's international parade of ships in late April, and the US will lose another opportunity to get to know the Chinese Navy.
04-09 09:02:54
Confrontation without war becomes commonplace between US and Russia
Affected by the disputes over the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty, the evolution of the European military situation and the changes in the US domestic situation, the military competition between the US and Russia in Europe has been intensified since March.
03-27 18:52:48
Xi's France visit set to boost cooperation
President Xi Jinping has visited Italy, Monaco and France, his first trip abroad in 2019. The European tour is expected to strengthen the EU's strategic partnerships with China.
03-26 08:44:02