Starlink, a space network for world, or for US military to shroud world?
An authoritative organization revealed that the US military forked out a lot of money for Starlink as early as 2019 and has already installed its satellite communication system on warplanes and other combat platforms to verify the connectivity. The Pentagon’s efforts to tap Starlink's potential for military purposes may very well go beyond that.
01-21 17:29:42
What does US mean by 'competition'?
Washington should understand that for a great power, the decline of ideas is more dangerous than that of strength. In the era of multi-polarity and globalization in the 21st century, the US is still thinking about finding tools from the Cold War toolbox, thinking every day about how to contain other countries, pulling "small gangs" and engaging in group confrontation, which will only harm themselves and will eventually be abandoned by the times.
01-21 09:09:11
Dim prospect for EU's defense independence
Over the years EU members have been relying on the US-led NATO for defense protection, but there has been a rising call for the EU's strategic independence as the US-EU relations strain. However, what with America's obstruction and what with EU's own limited defense budget, plus the marked divergence among the members, its strategic independence in the defense domain won't be realized overnight.
01-20 17:34:22
Politicizing sports bound to be unpopular
The US government has insisted on politicizing sports, trying to interfere in and sabotage the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics, which is in a sense undermining the interests of athletes from all over the world, including the US, and the international Olympic cause, and harming the common interests of people all over the world. It is bound to be unpopular and make itself a laughingstock.
01-20 16:05:19
World should not foot the bill for US failure
The Omicron variant of the novel coronavirus has caused a surge in infections in the United States, with the country reporting more than 1 million new cases daily of late. It is surprising that the US, with less than 5 percent of global population, accounts for more than one-fifth of the total cases worldwide and 15 percent of the deaths.
01-20 10:50:37
EU's stance on China geopolitical, not moral
The China-Europe relationship hit a bumpy road in 2021, as members of the European Parliament voted to freeze the ratification of the China-EU Comprehensive Agreement on Investment. Some have been vocal in criticizing China's internal affairs such as its Xinjiang policy and interfering in the Taiwan question. Where are China-EU relations heading? And what position should the EU take on the Lithuania-China spat?
01-20 10:12:51
Espionage, spy fiction and the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics
Western anti-China politicians really need to stop being paranoid about things. Their imaginary capabilities have gotten them in enough trouble already when they thought they could be the "savior" of all people. Their imaginary capabilities have made them one enemy after another, from other countries to factions of their own people.
01-20 11:05:00
Ugly head of 'imperial jealousy' rears in U.S. reaction to Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics
In a few weeks, athletes from across the globe will compete in the Winter Olympic Games in Beijing. The Games come amid a challenging period for the world. COVID-19 continues to contribute to greater economic and social instability. Militarism and climate change threaten the future of humanity. Instead of facing these challenges head on, some countries such as the United States have chosen to politicize the upcoming Winter Olympics in Beijing.
01-20 11:10:11
Political 'boycott' will make U.S. only loser in the Winter Olympics
The Olympics Games will open in Beijing in less than a month. Energy supply, site facilities, infrastructure, everything is ready. In addition to "Faster, Higher, Stronger, Together," the Games will be "more environmentally friendly" for a "better future."
01-20 11:08:12
Where does Russia's "deterrence" against the West come from?
Russia's deterrence in its games with the West is deeply rooted in its unique geo-environment, economic structure, history and culture, social consciousness, and diplomatic tradition. As the Russia-West struggle becomes more regular, diversified and complex, it's hard to determine which side is winning and which is losing based on one-time gains or losses or by any quantitative standards.
01-19 17:43:03
Lithuania's bid to hijack Sino-EU ties futile
Lithuania's relations with China are in deep trouble due to the Baltic country allowing Taiwan to open a representative office under its own name in the capital, Vilnius, last year. As a result, it has had to bear the consequences, both political and economic. Sino-Lithuanian diplomatic relations have since been downgraded to the level of charge d'affaires, and their business activities including rail freight have been brought to a standstill.
01-20 10:40:20
Pakistan shows solid support for Beijing Winter Olympics
The friendship between the nations of China and Pakistan offers a unique model that's unmatched by any other pair of countries. Chinese people differentiate this uniqueness with a special terminology "ba tie – 巴铁", which can be translated as "Iron Brothers".
01-20 10:43:47
US, Russia and EU may face critical moment after Cold War
This round of dialogues marks a contest of Russia with the US and NATO on the immediate cause of Ukrainian issue. NATO has extended its tentacles into Ukraine, deploying weapons, and dispatching some so-called 'mercenaries' therein. These have humiliated Russia beyond endurance. In this case, Russia was forced to warn the US and NATO in a tough manner.
01-19 09:54:32
Building guardrails for US in South China Sea
That the US State Department has recently issued a so-called legal analysis that "the PRC asserts unlawful maritime claims in most of the South China Sea, including an unlawful historic rights claim" is nothing but ridiculous. Not least because the United States is not even a party to the United Nations Convention of the Law of the Sea and yet it is trying to claim the moral high ground on the issue.
01-18 19:03:40
Will Kazakhstan escape a color revolution?
For many years, the US-led West has been waging a wave of color revolutions around the world with the sole objective of overthrowing unruly regimes and upending out-of-favor countries in the name of "democracy, freedom, human rights".
01-18 17:58:43
U.S. rhetoric on South China Sea misrepresents int'l law, disregards facts
Despite using the cloak of upholding "international law," the United States' ulterior motives can be easily seen through. Washington's frequent muscle-flexing in the South China Sea is a clear proof of its intention to provoke confrontation and undermine cooperation in the region.
01-18 11:34:50