American-style rules create chaos only for its own gains
US strategists planned the Russia-Ukraine conflict to try to prevent the decline of the empire and prevent the multi-polar rise, including Europe, for the competition of global hegemony. The turmoil of war has always been inseparable from the acquisition of wealth. The Russia-Ukraine conflict was a tragedy for the world, but it was very lucrative for the US.
07-06 17:22:26
NASA telling lies, all the way to the moon
After decades of hyping up a "China threat", to the islands in the Asia-Pacific to the coast of East Africa and Europe, the "threat" has now reached space. It is crystal-clear to everybody as to who is "taking over" space. And yet, who is accusing China of "taking over" the moon? The US.
07-06 09:49:58
How far away is US-Japan-ROK alliance, with accelerated military collaboration?
The largest-ever Rim of the Pacific 2022 (RIMPAC 2022) military exercise led by the US is ongoing in and around the Hawaiian Islands and Southern California. Both Japan and ROK assigned large-scale fleets to participate in the exercise.
07-05 21:09:41
Why is NATO eager to meddle in Asia Pacific?
A quick review of its history shows that the organization had sided with West Europe against East Europe and the Soviet Union, then joined with East Europe against Russia, and it is now thinking of joining hands with some Asian Pacific countries against China. The process of NATO's eastward expansion is all along a process of causing division in other countries and regions.
07-05 17:46:47
US record defense budget drafts draw wild attention
The US will spend about US$8.5 trillion in the military sector over the next 10 years, exceeding the total budget of the non-military sectors by US$500 billion. The US media reported that increasing funding for new weapons and overseas bases cannot make up for America's failures in cutting-edge scientific research, infrastructure, and trade policy. As military budgets continue to increase, American citizens feel increasingly insecure.
07-04 16:33:52
Why NATO's diatribe against China is irrational
NATO should have called it quits and disbanded following the end of the Cold War. Instead, it chose to search for a bogeyman to justify its existence.
07-04 21:14:53
RIMPAC disrupts regional security
The US is hosting RIMPAC 2022 in the name of safeguarding regional security, but in reality it is disrupting regional security. The naval exercise is a super spoiler. By stirring up trouble and coercing countries in the region to help it establish its strategic superiority over China, the US is in the ultimate analysis trying to maintain its global hegemony.
07-04 09:41:21
Redefined NATO strategy threat to world peace
While the Cold War may have provided the North Atlantic Treaty Organization with cause to claim to be a defender of peace in Europe, there are no grounds for the redefining of its strategy to embrace the Asia-Pacific region.
07-04 21:23:47
NATO's bigger remit brings rising dangers
The NATO summit concluded on Thursday was hailed by the alliance's chief as "transformative", "with far-reaching decisions" made, but experts have expressed their concerns for a heightened risk of conflicts resulting from the proposed changes.
07-04 09:38:33
A close look into NATO's wrongdoings
NATO has never been a peaceful and defensive organization, but a gangster organization led by the United States, a war machine of the manipulating countries behind Washington, a troublemaker in international regions and a creator of world unrest.
07-01 17:53:48
NATO must desist from seeking to destabilize Asia
As a product of the Cold War and the world's largest military alliance, NATO has long clung to the outdated security concept and become a tool for the U.S. to maintain hegemony. This goes against the legitimate desire of a large section of the international community for a multilateral, multi-polar world order.
07-02 23:57:59
Beware, RIMPAC brings back Cold War specter to Asia-Pacific region
The Russia-Ukraine conflict has given Washington more excuses to get its hands on the Pacific. The US Navy's press release publicly declared that the military exercise aims to "deter and defeat aggression by major powers across all domains and levels of conflict," which is almost a replica of Tokyo's so-called "Ukraine today, Taiwan Straits tomorrow" rhetoric.
07-02 23:48:59
Japan, which committed 'one of the most representative fascist atrocities,' must reflect rather than seeking military rise through NATO, says former curator of the Nanjing Massacre Memorial Hall
Japan's frequent interactions with NATO and blatant participation in the US-led military alliance have undermined peace and stability in the Asia-Pacific region, causing particular concern, said Zhu Chengshan, former curator of the Memorial Hall of the Victims in Nanjing Massacre by Japanese Invaders, on Wednesday.
07-02 23:42:27
Beware of RIMPAC being used to advance US Indo-Pacific strategic and political conspiracy
Compared with last year, the RIMPAC 2022 featured with larger scale, more troops, and more complete equipment. It reflects the sinister intention of the US to use the exercise to form gangs and engage in "major power competition", as well as its political intention to advance the Indo-Pacific strategy.
07-01 17:37:22
Will Japan, ROK become NATO's springboard in East Asia to contain China?
As a matter of fact, there is the political self-interest of some individual countries including the US lying behind NATO's stress on the so-called “China threat”. The US has always regarded China as its biggest competitor and never concealed its intention to contain China. Under the leadership of the US, NATO has naturally turned out to be a tool for the US to maintain its hegemony.
07-01 17:39:50
Intensive US military exercises in Indo-Pacific region come with ulterior motives
The current US competition with China is to use joint exercises and training to attract allies and establish exclusive "small circles" to create divisions and confrontations between countries. The anti-China military group formed by the US has the fundamental purpose to bring the Asia-Pacific region into the trap of geopolitical games and camp confrontation so that the US can reap the benefits.
06-30 17:28:46