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PLA Daily: Japan outsmarts itself
A review of Abe's remarks when he visited Southeast Asia shows that he continuously hyped up the "China threat theory" and instigated tension in the South China Sea.
01-19 17:38:25
ASEAN countries won't take Abe's bait
The Abe administration tried to gather around "a group of buddies" to play with it the extreme game of "resisting China threat", but its attempt was bound to fail.
01-18 17:14:30
Trump playing with fire with his Taiwan game
If Trump is determined to use this gambit on taking office, a period of fierce, damaging interactions will be unavoidable, as Beijing will have no choice but to take off the gloves.
01-16 09:40:26
History supports China's change of anti-Japanese war duration
The change of conception from "eight-year anti-Japanese war" to "fourteen-year anti-Japanese war" further embodies China’s respect for the factuality of history.
01-13 17:05:08
What does F-35A fighter jets' delivery to Japan mean?
The U.S. Air Force delivered the first F-35A Lightning II fighter jet to the JASDF at the Luke Air Force Base in Arizona on November 29, 2016, indicating that Japan began to make preparation for using fifth-generation stealth fighter jet.
01-12 19:04:01
Japan, S.Korea will get used to PLA military exercises: expert
The flights by Chinese bombers in the air zone close to the South Korean and Japanese airspace were related to routine training and not targeted at any specific country, and Japan's reaction to the flights was unnecessary, an expert said.
01-12 09:03:39
Interview: S.Korea, China need to increase communications on THAAD issue -- opposition lawmaker
A South Korean congressman said his country and China need to increase communications on the issue involving the deployment of Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD) in South Korea.
01-12 22:14:09
Expert: China's far-sea training shows resolve to stop war
China's normal military training doesn't target anyone, but it objectively demonstrated to the Korean Peninsula China's resolve to stop war and disturbance.
01-11 16:58:19
U.S. should stop flexing its muscles in South China Sea
With the USS Carl Vinson battle group heading toward the Western Pacific, the United States is completing its deployment of three carriers to Asia, putting on another muscle show and making waves again in the South China Sea.
01-11 07:54:51
Expert: Breaking first island chain becomes China's routine training
The expert said whether it's the strategic air force or navy, breaking through the first island chain will become a routine training content.
01-10 17:23:02
Japan panics over routine air training over East China Sea
A Chinese military expert said Japan should not overreact to spotting eight Chinese military planes over the East China Sea and Japan Sea on Monday, saying this is routine military training.
01-10 15:14:04
Commentary: U.S. should stop flexing its muscles in South China Sea
All in all, China hopes to work with other countries to make the South China Sea a sea of peace, friendship and cooperation, not a hotbed of war.
01-10 21:43:18
China open to military ties with SK based on ‘mutual respect’
China would like to cooperate with South Korea based on the mutual respect of security interests, following reports that China suspended military exchanges between the two countries due to South Korea's deployment of the US missile defense system.
01-10 08:30:54
Asia-Pacific security faces new challenges
We should bear in mind that whether it's the Asia-Pacific or the world in general, change is the inevitable trend, which will bring both challenges and new opportunities.
01-09 17:43:09
Sincere repentance, key to solve historical problems
The Japanese government must change its wrong position and sincerely apologize to the world and victimized countries and reflect on itself, which is the key to resolving the "comfort women" problem.
01-09 16:07:31
Commentary: Tricks do no good to China-U.S. ties
After all, a stable relationship between the top two economies across the Pacific Ocean is not only good for the two countries but also conducive to world peace and prosperity.
01-09 22:28:24