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China's Type 055 destroyer as good as US Zumwalt-class destroyer?
"The fact that western countries call China's Type 055 destroyer a cruiser indicates that they are looking at China's military development with colored glasses and magnifying the function and role of China's equipment," expert said.
02-24 16:58:55
US muscle flexing not a cure to DPRK issue
The truth is that only Washington can give Pyongyang the security guarantee it wants, and playing the sanction card or deepening the US-ROK military cooperation will not end the seesaw game.
02-23 22:33:15
U.S. behind the arms buildup in Asia-Pacific
For years, China's defense budget has been around 1.5 percent of its GDP, and it is poised to keep it that way. In contrast, NATO is urging its member states to contribute 2 percent of their GDP to their defense projects. Accusing Beijing of threatening global stability or sponsoring regional arms race simply does not hold water.
02-23 22:30:22
PLA Daily: PLA Air Force more open and confident
From hosting aviation exhibitions to participating in foreign ones, the PLA Air Force is developing steadily with growing openness and confidence.
02-22 17:32:50
2nd carrier almost complete
China is close to completing its second aircraft carrier, which will begin service by 2020, experts said.
02-21 08:20:05
US carrier patrol poses new regional test
Asia-Pacific is a vast region that be inclusive for both China and the US, but there is a risk that tensions between Beijing and Washington will escalate if Trump continues with Obama's tactical legacy.
02-20 17:21:06
Lotte should avoid playing with fire in letting THAAD in
The proposed deployment of a U.S. missile defense system in the Republic of Korea is a threat to regional security and stability, and Lotte Group is one decision away from becoming an accessory to the act.
02-20 17:08:07
New strategic bomber to make PLA Air Force a strong force
The new-generation LRSB will considerably improve China's strategic attack capability and make the PLA Air Force a strategic air force in the true sense.
02-17 16:48:40
PLA Daily: Britain to return to Asia-Pacific region?
In the opinion of Britain authorities, a greater involvement in Asia Pacific affairs before the Brexit will not only consolidate its realistic interests but can also help it to build the image of a "global power".
02-16 17:08:35
China's new aircraft carrier to be launched early 2017
China's second aircraft carrier is scheduled to be launched later this year and is expected to enter the service by 2020, expert said.
02-15 15:33:57
Expert: What's behind China's trial launch of DF-5C intercontinental missile
China is displaying its strength to countries like the ROK and Japan. Compared with Japan's stance on the Diaoyu Islands and its history of aggression, the ROK's decision to deploy THAAD is a more pressing issue for China.
02-14 17:36:08
Deployment of THAAD in ROK exacerbates tensions
China will not sit idle while Washington and Seoul press ahead with THAAD in the name of handling the "DPRK threat", expert said.
02-14 16:44:29
Return of remains by ROK may help ties
The return of the remains of Chinese soldiers from the Republic of Korea, as scheduled, displays a willingness by both countries to push forward ties amid difficulties caused by the planned deployment of a U.S. anti-missile system in the ROK, Chinese observers said.
02-10 17:16:38
PLA "does not want war", but is not afraid of one
The People's Liberation Army does not want a war in the South China Sea, but will not be afraid of one if it knocks on China's door, the military has said.
02-09 08:54:00
Japan's new missile defense system couldn't intercept Chinese missiles in real battle: experts
The U.S. and Japan successfully conducted a missile interception test off the Hawaiian islands on Feb. 4. The USS John Paul Jones destroyed the target ballistic missile using its SM-3 Block IIA interceptor, reports stated. But an expert pointed out that Japan's new weapon is unable to threaten China.
02-08 16:57:34
Expert: China should get militarily ready
Mattis' statement was actually a "card" against China and a "bait" for Japan. "The Trump administration has whetted Japan's appetite and given it reassurance. But this is just a prelude.
02-07 17:34:50