US hegemony and bullying seriously endanger world
America's hegemonic, domineering, and bullying practices of using strength to intimidate the weak, taking from others by force and subterfuge, and playing zero-sum games are exerting grave harm and arousing stronger criticism and opposition from the international community.
02-21 17:16:55
EU common defense construction faces new variables
To improve its independent defense capabilities and reduce its security dependence on the US, the EU has accelerated the integration of national defense technologies and industrial bases, and vigorously promoted the construction of common defense in recent years.
02-20 17:15:25
US, well-deserved number one surveillance country whole world around
Recently, the US has hyped up the issue of monitoring by exploiting the accidental incident of a Chinese civilian unmanned airship entering US airspace. The plot of this farce is becoming more and more absurd and has even reached a point where it cannot be justified.
02-20 11:52:27
Competition should not be the leitmotif of China-U.S. ties
For the benefit of all, Washington needs to acknowledge this truth about arguably the world's most important bilateral ties, dump the logic of a zero-sum game, and ditch its hostile China policy, be it on the pretext of "competition" or else.
02-18 20:43:44
Security conference shouldn't be stage just for US, NATO
The US' efforts are aimed at maintaining its global hegemony, which will help it abuse its military, economic, technological and financial power to coerce, sanction and bully other countries. But it will be an exercise in futility if Washington tries to stop the emergence of a multipolar world, where China, India, ASEAN member states, and the African, Latin American, European and Middle Eastern countries will have an equal say in global affairs.
02-16 20:32:42
The Philippines plays bigger role in "Indo-Pacific strategy"
Through their current military cooperation, American troops can "visit" the Philippines and set up and use military bases there through "rotation", which in the long term will pose a potential threat to the host country's territorial and sovereign integrity and national security.
02-16 19:06:04
US-Japan-ROK relationship faces three constraints
In the short to medium term, due to factors such as conflicts between Tokyo and Seoul and differences in interests, it is still difficult for the trilateral cooperation to develop into a trilateral alliance. They face at least three constraints on the way to build a trilateral alliance.
02-16 19:04:42
AUKUS nuclear submarine cooperation threatens Asia-Pacific security
It is foreseeable that the AUKUS submarine deal is to promote military cooperation at higher levels, and the relevant practices will bring a serious impact on the international security order.
02-16 17:48:58
Japan-Philippines defense relations warm up amid ulterior motives
The Philippine President Ferdinand Romualdez Marcos made an official visit to Japan from February 8 to 12, and met with Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida on February 9, according to Japanese media reports. The two sides will actively promote economic, trade and defense cooperation.
02-15 18:59:58
US' hypocritical humanitarianism to Syria rips down guardian mask
The US government claimed to allow humanitarian aid to enter Syria, but that’s not true. Western countries make no humanitarian considerations; all they see is the political situation. Their deeds contradicted their words.
02-15 17:06:39
Britain's attempts to disrupt Asia-Pacific doomed to fail
The Asia-Pacific region is not someone's clique, and it should not become an arena for games between major powers. The US, Britain and other Western countries insisting on making waves in the Asia-Pacific region will be cast aside by the world.
02-14 17:56:33
Beware of escalated Japan-NATO collusion in Asia Pacific
NATO's current escalated collusion with Japan, especially the strategic plans of the two heavily charged with a Cold War mindset, is bound to roil the Asian Pacific region and push it toward bloc confrontation, a tendency the international community should be highly alert against.
02-13 17:05:07
Political behavioral art over North America is clumsy
The US Air Force shot down an "unidentified flying object (UFO)" over Canada on Saturday local time. But officials from both Canada and the US so far have offered neither further clarification on the capabilities, purpose, or origin of the object, nor one on the need or urgency to shoot it down.
02-13 10:01:54
Consultation on Code of Conduct in South China Sea to speed up
For these reasons mentioned above, the US Secretary of Defense visited the Philippines on February 2. From the perspective of regional security, this visit aims to provoke the bilateral relations between China and the Philippines, as well as the strategic mutual trust between China and ASEAN countries. However, the US has largely failed to achieve this goal.
02-10 18:18:41
Biden's speech full of sound and fury
Biden did, however, make clear what his idea of a dialogue with China was. There was bluff, bluster and empty threats. If China threatened the United States' sovereignty, he said, the US would act. There were, of course, no details as to where that threat might arise since China has not undertaken any military action to threaten US sovereignty, though Biden's own administration has used the case of a single drifting balloon to claim such a threat.
02-08 22:16:57
NATO Secretary General spreads anxiety on Asian trip
NATO Secretary-General Stoltenberg kicked off his four-day Asian trip on January 29, during which NATO had frequent military interactions with ROK and Japan, tightening their interests even further and pushing his agenda of extending NATO’s antenna to Asia Pacific.
02-08 17:53:58