Navy strives to be modern, strong as commander urged
A year since an inspection by President Xi Jinping, also chairman of the Central Military Commission, the PLA Navy has made massive strides in transforming itself into a world-class force, experts said.
05-24 08:30:41
Himalayan mining reports groundless hype: analysts
Reports that China's mining operations are turning the Himalayas into "another South China Sea" were dismissed as completely groundless hype by Chinese observers on Monday.
05-22 09:33:30
PLA Ground Force training in Xinjiang advancing capabilities: observer
Intensified military training by the PLA Ground Force in the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region is aimed not only at testing weaponry but also advancing commanders' capabilities
05-24 08:14:10
Why did H-6K choose Yongxing Island for its first S. China Sea landing?
When it takes off fully loaded with conventional bombs, it is able to cover all of Vietnam in the west and the entire Taiwan Island in the east, and still include all the Nansha islands in the south.
05-21 16:28:57
More actions possible if Taiwan separatists go further, experts say
Beijing may consider additional actions if Taiwan separatists go further and the United States continues to use Taiwan as a bargaining chip. Actions could include Beijing enhancing its military presence around the island, limiting market access or launching investigations against foreign firms that do not recognize China's territorial integrity, experts said.
05-19 15:09:50
Experts: J-20 will surely patrol Taiwan in future
The J-20 stealth fighter jet recently had its first realistic military training on the sea. Military expert Wang Mingliang said in an interview that the J-20 is sure to patrol the Taiwan Island in the future.
05-18 16:22:59
Claims China turning Djibouti base into military foothold ‘groundless’
Live ammunition exercises at the Chinese PLA support base in Djibouti are legitimate and necessary, and should not be over-interpreted as transforming the logistics center into a military foothold.
05-17 08:39:05
Playing Taiwan card will sour China-US ties
Three experts share their views with China Daily's Yao Yuxin on how such "exchanges" undermine the Three Joint Communiqués and will sour China-US ties.
05-16 08:31:39
Unlike the US throwing around its naval weight , development of aircraft carriers is unlikely to make China aggressive
China's first domestically-built aircraft carrier launched its sea trial on Sunday, but experts say this is just the beginning.
05-17 08:46:14
Experts: Developing aircraft carriers is a prerequisite of maritime power
China's efforts to develop aircraft carriers are in line with the interests of the region and it's a key premise of China's national security.
05-15 15:28:01
New aircraft carrier a boon to navy
Compared with the Liaoning, China's first aircraft carrier, the first domestically built aircraft carrier 001A is a more advanced vessel in many respects.
05-15 08:22:30
2nd aircraft carrier a natural step for China's navy
China's second aircraft carrier left a port outside the Dalian Shipyard on Sunday morning for its first sea trial, signaling that the production of this domestically built carrier is nearly complete.
05-14 15:57:42
Expert: Y-20 will help PLA Air Force create new combat model
Military transport aircraft still have room for development. The Y-20 will play a transitional role and will help train more talents for the establishment of the PLA's future combat model.
05-14 10:38:33
Experts on China's first fully homegrown aircraft carrier
China's second aircraft carrier will promote the fighting capability of the PLA Navy further than the Liaoning, because the Liaoning is more for scientific research purposes than for combat and training purposes.
05-14 09:03:36
Expert: Sea trials for China's first domestically-built aircraft carrier approaching
The sea trial of China's first domestically-built aircraft carrier should include the take-off and landing of carrier-borne fighter jets and therefore its sea trial time may be longer than Liaoning's.
05-10 16:28:19
S.China Sea 'a must-pass region' in submersible's 2020 expedition: scientist
The South China Sea will be a "must-see region" in the scheduled global expedition of China's submersible Jiaolong, scientists said Tuesday.
05-09 08:33:46