Will ROK PM's visit to Japan leads to détente for Tokyo and Seoul?
ROK Prime Minister LeeNak-yeon will visit Japan from October 22 to 24 and attend the Enthronement Ceremony for Emperor Naruhito on behalf of the ROK government. He will be the highest-level ROK official to visit Japan after Japan's export restriction, and the world is watching closely whether his visit will thaw the icy relation between the two countries.
10-18 15:53:08
Who is hurt when US and Greece get closer?
As conflict between the US and Turkey deepens, the closer military cooperation between the US and Greece is quite interesting.
10-17 16:56:39
Arms export: France's new glory?
Since the beginning of President Charles de Gaulle in the 1960s, French leaders have always insisted on an independent defense industry foundation, that is, independent of American technology, and capable of developing and manufacturing all major weapons systems.
10-17 17:29:31
Development of military AI calls for relevant international rules
While major countries in the world are competing in military intelligentization, the absence of international rules in this area has caused widespread concerns.
10-16 17:38:05
Power pattern in the Middle East undergoes profound changes
It should be pointed out that these non-Arab countries are not major powers, but their political ambitions are generally greater compared with their own strength at present. In the long run, this has far-reaching implications for peace and development in the Middle East.
10-15 18:21:04
China-Russia missile defense cooperation needed
Russian President Vladimir Putin on October 3 spoke of helping "Chinese partners create a missile attack warning system" at the final plenary session of the 16th meeting of the Valdai International Discussion Club in Sochi, Russia.
10-15 08:26:03
Japan's new defense white paper seeks pretexts for future military expansion
Recently, Japan released its 2019 defense white paper, which elaborates on the country’s recognition of its surrounding security environment, the security threats it faces and the security policies to be implemented.
10-14 11:18:38
Five possible consequences of America's decision on Turkey and Syria
What does Washington's decision on Turkey and Syria imply and how will it affect the situation in Syria?
10-14 11:18:38
Decades of training foreign officers boost China's military diplomacy
China's top military college has a long history training overseas senior military officers, boosting ties and trust.
10-15 08:33:09
America's "green light" for Turkey's attack of north Syria triggers intense repercussions
US President Donald Trump recently gave a green light for Turkey to attack north Syria, which has triggered intense repercussions and concerns about the future situation in the Middle East.
10-11 16:38:12
Driven by different motives, joint military exercise could hardly change regional situation
Turkey, Azerbaijan and Georgia kicked off their joint military exercises code-named "Caucasian Eagle 2019" in Azerbaijan’s capital city Baku on September 23.
10-10 16:58:53
Consequences of US dumping Kurdish allies
Syria TV reported on October 7 that that night in northeastern border of Syria, Turkish troops launched a military operation targeting the position of the Syrian Democratic Forces led by the Kurdish armed forces. The White House issued a statement on the previous day, announcing it will not support or be involved in the Turkish military operations and the US troops will withdraw from the relevant regions.
10-09 17:23:01
Why does US preach that NATO has lost its advantage over Russia?
A few days ago, General Joseph F. Dunford, Jr., Chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff and the US' highest-ranking military officer, expressed concerns about NATO's loss of military superiority to Russia during the NATO's Military Committee meeting. This has raised great attention around the world.
10-09 16:26:11
India's huge military budget may trigger arms race with Pakistan
Indian government plans to spend USD 130 billion in the next 5-7 years on buying military equipment to enhance its armed troops' combat capability. How will India spend such a huge military budget then? And what effect will it put on the surrounding regions?
10-08 17:25:47
Chinese parade injects confidence to safeguard world peace
China held a military parade on Tuesday to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the founding of New China, the 15th National Day parade since 1949. During the parade President Xi Jinping delivered a speech to renew China's commitment to peaceful development. Seven experts share their views on the parade and Xi's speech.
10-03 21:01:11
Grand celebration shows peaceful intent, unity of Chinese society
The celebration of the 70th anniversary of the founding of the PRC has showcased the extraordinary image of China in the new era.
10-01 16:13:59