US-Iran Confrontations Behind the Oil-Tankers Attack
Two supertankers were attacked in the Gulf of Oman near the Strait of Hormuz on June 13. Worryingly, the US Central Command and the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps, who labeled each other as "terrorist organization" two months ago, have engaged in confrontation.
06-18 00:49:45
PLA Navy needs own 'STOVL stealth fighter' jets to protect territory
As China is reportedly building more aircraft carriers and its first group of amphibious assault ships, the People's Liberation Army Navy might eventually need its own F-35B-like STOVL stealth fighter jet to safeguard territorial integrity.
06-17 10:58:23
The US is gearing up to drag the world into cyber war
For years, American politicians have been advocating the risk of a possible "cyber Pearl Harbor attack". Ironically, the US is the first to attack other countries' facilities with cyber weapons in the world.
06-14 22:15:06
News Analysis: Abe's visit to Tehran "positive" for Iran-U.S. ties
Japanese leader Shinzo Abe recently visited Iran, becoming the first Japanese prime minister to visit the Islamic republic since 1979. The rare visit by the Japanese prime minister to Iran is aimed at achieving peace between Tehran and Washington amid their escalating friction that has worried the players in the region and beyond.
06-15 01:09:56
New Asian security concept will build a world of peace and prosperity
In recent years, the world has generally enjoyed stability, though with disruptions. The trends of anti-globalization and populism have greatly impacted the regional and global order.
06-16 00:38:07
Turkey gives a hardline response to US threat of halting F-35 deliveries
The US has repeatedly threatened that July 31 would be the deadline for Turkey to stop importing Russia's S-400 missile defense system; otherwise, it will "confiscate" the F-35 stealth fighter jets that Turkey purchased. Such a threat sparked fierce denouncements from the Turkish media, which declared that Turkey "doesn't fear to lose F-35 because we have many backup plans."
06-13 21:08:27
Chinese aircraft carriers' frequent passage through Miyako Strait to become standard practice: media
China's aircraft carriers will more frequently cross through sea lanes, including the Miyako Strait, for deployment in the west Pacific and Indian oceans which will become standard practice.
06-13 08:53:05
Could Venezuela see light at the end of the tunnel?
The continuing turmoil in Venezuela has turned a corner. With senior US officials declaring that there are serious differences within the US-backed Venezuela's opposition, And Russia and other countries continuing to support the Maduro administration, the situation in Venezuela has returned to a stable state.
06-13 11:26:56
Intl interest in China's FC-31 stealth fighter jet grows
China's made-for-export FC-31 warplane is making a big impression, as reports say international buyers are thinking of buying the stealth fighter jet.
06-13 08:39:18
Luo Yuan: US hegemonic moves “force” China to seek its own trump cards
Through the modern history of the Chinese nation, it was once faced with four crises imposed by external forces. How did the Communist Party of China (CPC) lead the Chinese people to conquer them and move forward?
06-10 21:05:03
Australian media 'overreacts' to Chinese Navy sailors buying baby food
Australian media overreacted to Chinese military personnel buying baby formula before leaving Sydney Harbor in their warship, Chinese military insiders said on Sunday.
06-10 09:37:43
The U.S. should stop showing its flag in Taiwan Strait
For the United States to be a force for peace and stability in the South China Sea and the Taiwan Strait, it must turn away from the deadly arms trade with Taiwan, stop showing the flag and throwing grenades into Chinese maritime areas, and focus instead on abiding by international law, the one-China policy, and the three Sino-U.S. joint communiques.
06-08 15:29:02
China-U.S. mil-to-mil relationship: Stabilizer or uncertainty in bilateral relations?
How do we examine the rising tensions in what is called the "Indo-Pacific region?" Can we count on the China-U.S. mil-to-mil relationship to serve as a stabilizer for the bilateral relations?
06-08 16:23:51
China-Russia relations transcend geopolitics
China-Russia relations have long been a hot topic in Western public opinion. Certain Western media analyzed this visit in the context of the China-US trade war, claiming that Beijing and Moscow intend to join forces against the US.
06-06 09:50:30
US to sell surveillance drones to allies in South China Sea region
Selling drones to China's neighboring countries is indeed unfriendly as the US attempts to increase tension in the South China Sea.
06-06 17:04:49
Military ties linchpin of China-Russia relations
When the USSR collapsed in December 1991, China recognized Russia as the successor state. Since then, the development of Sino-Russian military relations was reflected in the following fields.
06-06 15:04:42