India should be wary of Trump's Indo-Pacific strategy
How many practical interests did India gain from the 2+2 meetings so far? The answer is very likely to be negative. Although it appears that India-U.S. relations are going swimmingly well, there was no progress on securing a waiver from American sanctions that bar India from purchasing Russian weapons. This is surely a huge setback for India as its over 60% weapons systems are originating from Russia.
10-28 15:02:51
Pompeo visits show Washington's Cold War recruitment drive failing: China Daily editorial
Rather than being "a beacon" for freedom and democracy in the region as Pompeo claimed, the US is resorting to cash-for-sovereignty offers in its bid to get countries to make common cause against China.
10-28 22:08:10
U.S. overbearing meddling shows hegemonic bigotry
In today's world, the norms governing international relations, such as sovereign equality and non-interference in each other's internal affairs, are deeply rooted in the hearts of the people across the world. By imposing its hegemonic will on others and acting in defiance of the international law, Washington is turning itself into a pariah.
10-27 20:17:36
Commemorate great victory and create mighty military force
In commemoration of the 70th anniversary of the Chinese People's Volunteers' participation in the War to resist US aggression and Aid Korea
10-26 16:57:51
Lying about China puts US to shame: China Daily editorial
The US has become accustomed to relying on a network of remote servers to do its will, practicing a sort of cloud politics that was feasible in an earlier historical context. Now that developing countries are asserting themselves as independent members of the international community and no longer willing to play follow-the-leader, the US is trying to sow the seeds of hatred and estrangement in a bid to salvage its declining prestige and power of persuasion.
10-27 23:54:56
US is part of the world, not vice versa: China Daily editorial
China will continue to work as a builder of global peace, a contributor to global development and a defender of international order. It hopes that the US will do the same.
10-26 23:29:29
New Delhi's dilemma in following Washington: China Daily editorial
As for the US administration, it will be hoping that escalating its anti-China campaign will help head off criticism at home over the pandemic and racial discrimination. The world does not need to wait very long for an answer as to whether such an ugly, self-serving tactic will work.
10-26 23:32:55
US, India 2+2 meet an 'all-for-itself' opportunity
Coming at a sensitive time with the US Presidential election just a week away and while India is still entangled in border tensions with China, Chinese observers said Tuesday's third 2+2 ministerial dialogue between New Delhi and Washington is more an opportunity for both countries to preen for their own benefits rather than a substantive occasion which will have lasting benefits.
10-26 10:41:15
War of Justice: 70th anniversary of War to Resist US Aggression and Aid Korea
It is precisely because it was a war of justice that the peace-loving countries and people worldwide could sympathize, support, and assist China and the DPRK, which finally won the war and safeguarded peace in Asia and the world.
10-24 00:44:03
Commentary: War commemoration a timely warning to anti-China "paper tigers"
China will never allow its national sovereignty, security and development interests to be undermined and will never allow territorial violation or separatist moves by any force. There is no ambiguity on these issues.
10-23 22:56:41
Roping in Japan and India, Five Eyes enhances cyber-surveillance
Members of the Five Eyes intelligence alliance – Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the US, and the UK – plus Japan and India, recently issued a joint statement demanding high-tech companies using end-to-end encryption technology (E2EE) to insert “backdoors” in encrypted apps.
10-23 17:07:32
US DoD releases a new Data Strategy to maintain hegemony
The US Department of Defense (DoD) released a new Data Strategy on October 8, pledging to build the DoD into a “data-centric organization”, in a bid to obtain war-fighter advantage and higher efficiency by using data at a certain speed and scale and consequently better preserve its global military dominance.
10-22 16:55:40
Forming clique and flexing muscles only to shake regional peace, stability
Highly-sensitive actions or disruptive attempts such as a motivated massive drill will only create tension and confrontation and act counter to the will of the people in the region.
10-23 20:11:39
Interview: U.S. attempts to build so-called anti-China "coalition" will never succeed: Chinese political advisor
"As a Chinese saying goes, a just cause rallies abundant support while an unjust one finds little. Thus, those U.S. politicians' attempts will never succeed."
10-22 19:25:59
Why China refuses to take part in "trilateral arms control negotiation"?
China's refusal to join the unrealistic trilateral arms control negotiation doesn't mean it keeps clear of the international arms control process. Quite on the contrary, China is an active participant, builder, and staunch protector of this system.
10-21 17:08:56
Love for peace doesn't mean China is weak
Although China has adapted to the fast-changing world, it retains its peace-loving spirit and will always safeguard national interests. And while it has made remarkable progress in national defense, it still cherishes peace, and therefore pursues peaceful co-existence, co-development and common prosperity, in order to help build a community with a shared future for mankind.
10-21 08:32:55