Time to unite for the fight as conversation holds out hope
The conversation between Xi and Trump raises hope they might do so. But that would be possible only if US politicians stop smelling a conspiracy in everything Chinese.
03-27 21:12:58
Pakistani air commodore: What the world can learn from Chinese fight against COVID-19 epidemic?
The efforts taken by China in containment of this epidemic have been praised by all the World leaders and media. Every country has to be a part of this war against this virus to eliminate fear and unrest in respective societies.
03-26 11:36:28
Rising infections force US warship into maintenance: analysts
Following the first three confirmed novel coronavirus pneumonia (COVID-19) cases on board the US aircraft carrier Theodore Roosevelt on Tuesday, the figure reportedly rocketed to 25 on Thursday, as the warship is heading toward Guam. Chinese military experts said on Friday that this latest move indicates the Theodore Roosevelt has now been into a maintenance condition and decided that scheduled military missions be cancelled.
03-27 19:46:41
China's experience vital to inform the G20 virtual summit on COVID-19
The G20 meeting must reflect the reality of the situation. Many countries may not like the fact that China is in this position, but it remains a fact. They need to pay careful attention: important lessons could be learned.
03-26 20:10:41
Why Japan choose Philippines as first major buyer for arms sale?
Not merely to strengthen military cooperation with Manila through arms trade, the Abe administration intends to fill America's military absence in the Asia Pacific. In the meantime, Japan also hopes to enhance its presence on the diplomatic front.
03-25 17:50:46
Importing weapons from US puts India into dilemma
With its continued economic development and military buildup, India has had a growing demand for weapon equipment modernization. Since India doesn't have the technological and industrial capabilities to produce the weapons it needs, it has to buy weapons and equipment from other countries and has been the world's largest weapon importer for many years in a row.
03-26 11:21:20
Will US aircraft carrier become next Diamond Princess?
Questions have been raised over whether there will be large-scale novel coronavirus (COVID-19) infections on a deployed US warship after the US aircraft carrier Theodore Roosevelt reported three confirmed cases on Tuesday in what is believed to be the first such COVID-19 case on the deployed warship.
03-26 01:18:36
First Indonesia-Russia joint exercise has profound implications
Russia and Indonesia have had military cooperation for several decades, but mainly in the arms trade, with the latter buying fighter jets, armored vehicles, and other weapon systems from the former. Analysts said the joint exercise will help deepen bilateral relationship and military cooperation.
03-24 20:54:15
COVID-19 to have serious impact on US military's global influence: Chinese experts
As the novel coronavirus pneumonia (COVID-19) ravages the globe and US Defense Secretary Mark Esper admitted on Monday that the US military's combat readiness could be affected, Chinese military experts said on Tuesday that the US military could be dealt a huge blow and lose its influence over its allies.
03-25 00:37:04
Solidarity essential in pandemic fight
Is it important where the novel coronavirus originated? Yes, but only because knowing its origin will help virologists know more about it and how it spreads and infects humans and thus help them find a way to prevent its transmission.
03-25 12:35:59
The US loses scores in global pandemic test
With the pandemic's spreading, the global crisis doesn't appear to be stopping its footsteps. In an age of globalization, worldwide cooperation is the right way to tackle the emergency while narrow nationalism, xenophobia and racial discrimination don't help at all.
03-23 20:38:31
The wisdom behind China's COVID-19 gains
na sends an implicit assurance to all other countries that such liberation is less a moment of risk, and rather a moment to bring back a semblance of normalcy to residents – who deserve it beyond measure.
03-25 13:37:54
US should put solidarity above geopolitics
We call on the US to immediately recalibrate its China policy, putting aside geopolitics and work with China to combat the fatal virus. China and the US, as the two biggest global powers, should contribute to inspire the global virus fight and save the world from the current plight.
03-24 00:27:45
US government loses decency under virus panic
More and more countries are recognizing and learning from China's methods in the fight against the virus. The phased victory in China is inspiring hard-hit countries which are now in difficult times. Only Washington is still hysterically discrediting China.
03-23 10:24:45
US steps up maritime provocations in attempt to distract China's COVID-19 fight
Since late January, US warships have travelled within 12 nautical miles of the South China Sea islands in Chinese territory five separate times. Three instances happened close to one another on March 10, 13, and 15. The US took the move when the novel coronavirus was spreading in the US, which sent a dangerous signal.
03-22 20:49:32
PLA Daily: Japan seeks to break military restriction through new fighter jet
Japan is willing to bear most of the R&D expenses because for this Asian country, the freedom to improve fighter jet is not only relevant to the potential of upgrading weapon performance in preparation for future warfare, but also a big step in shaking off the defense restriction and America's control.
03-20 22:24:44