UK's ambition in Asia-Pacific will hardly make a stir
The UK has recently released several strategic documents expounding its national defense, diplomatic and national security strategies, as well as the roadmap of its future military reform. As a country outside of the Asian-Pacific region, the UK's eager deployment in the region is driven by deep considerations.
04-12 17:34:53
Washington will not provoke sea change
The United States is planning to conduct more intensive military maneuvers in the South China Sea either alone or in collaboration with its regional allies. Either way, it is a dangerous signal that the world's sole superpower should avoid sending as it is increasingly turning the waters into a regional flashpoint.
04-12 23:15:54
The Strategic Competition Act has no future
On April 8, leaders of the U.S. Senate Foreign Relations Committee introduced a sweeping 280-page bill called the "Strategic Competition Act of 2021," a hardline legislative blueprint that frames Beijing's "political, diplomatic, economic, military and ideological power" as a strategic competitor to U.S., its partners, and the international order at large.
04-12 23:15:00
This is why the U.S. is sponsoring Xinjiang separatist forces
If one mentions genocide, concentration camps and slave labor, a westerner will no doubt correlate them with Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region. Considering up until recently no one had heard of Xinjiang, this is an astounding propaganda achievement by U.S.-led Western deep-state interests.
04-12 23:13:24
1OO years of achievements
Since its founding a century ago, the Communist Party of China has steadfastly led the Chinese people toward the dream of national rejuvenation Few countries in the world have a past associated with one of the great civilizations of history, but only the Chinese civilization can boast of having more than 4,000 years of continuity.
04-10 16:37:03
Narrative on Xinjiang a too-familiar playbook
In recent months, some in the West have launched a new round of smear campaign against Xinjiang-"concentration camp", "forced labor", "compulsory sterilization" and "genocide". And certain countries believe they have the "moral obligation" to do something about it.
04-10 16:35:39
US system can't end its human rights violations
Even when admitting their country's imperfect human rights records, US officials and experts argue that the US democratic system is built in such a way that it can self-correct its mistakes.
04-10 16:34:17
Report exposes US humanitarian-veiled war atrocities, as China takes proactive move to strip it of human rights high ground
An article published by the China Society for Human Rights Studies on Friday lashed out at the US for severe humanitarian disasters caused by its aggressive wars against foreign countries since the end of World War II, stripping Washington of the human rights highland as the Biden administration tries to wield weapons of "human rights violations" to crack down on China.
04-10 16:32:49
Xinjiang-related databases fabricated by anti-China think tanks based on false testimonies, purely political maneuvers
A number of foreign databases on so-called issues in China's Xinjiang including the Xinjiang Victims Database have been fabricated by anti-China forces, and claim to include eyewitness accounts and testimonies; however, they are full of outright lies and are purely political in nature, based on which Western countries and media outlets make up allegations such as "genocide and crimes against humanity." These "databases" can be clearly refuted by actual figures, official records and the family members of those listed in them, said officials from Xinjiang.
04-10 16:30:11
Why Australia, US work together to develop hypersonic cruise missiles?
According to an AP report, Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison recently announced that the Australian government plans to invest A$1 billion to develop guided missiles with the US, to boost Australia's national defense capacity while increasing job opportunities in the defense technology sector.
04-09 18:05:42
Who will break US-Iran nuclear stalemate?
Although President Biden vowed to help maintain the Iran nuclear deal when he ran for the presidency in 2020, no breakthrough has been made in the US-Iran relations in over two months after he took office. The Iran nuclear issue has become a strategic deadlock and an increasingly grave crisis that will keep simmering unless dialogue channels are rebuilt as soon as possible.
04-09 17:46:46
Who instigates China-Philippine's spat over Niu'e reef?
Some people in the Philippines hyped up the matter of the Niu'e reef, perhaps just for earning more bargaining chips in the COC negotiation. A clear understanding of the true intentions of the Philippine side is conducive to stepping up the COC negotiations.
04-08 18:49:54
US endeavour for so-called "encirclement" of China with ASEAN is just wishful thinking
The recent visits by four foreign ministers of ASEAN countries to China have drawn a lot of global attention. Many scholars and media commented that this is China's powerful response to America as ASEAN is viewed by some westerners as the “last piece of the puzzle” in its attempt at forming a besiegement around China. Yet such an attempt is just America's wishful thinking and will never become a reality.
04-08 18:02:23
The U.S. is exporting instability and war, not freedom and democracy
The U.S. tries to portray itself as the global champion of "freedom and democracy." But what do those words really mean when used by the U.S.? History shows that when the U.S. talks about freedom, they are really talking about their own freedom to do as they please, and when they talk about democracy, they actually mean the installation of regimes that cater to U.S. demands and follow U.S. orders.
04-08 22:57:29
United States shows appalling US human rights record in wake of COVID-19
Based on fabricated materials, the United States has once again wantonly slandered other countries by releasing the so-called 2020 Country Reports on Human Rights Practices. In fact, the United States, with its own human rights problems piling up, has earned itself a tainted human rights record in the past four years.
04-08 22:54:52
Washington recklessly playing with fire
The US guided-missile destroyer John McCain made a transit through the Taiwan Straits on Wednesday. This was the fourth passage through the sensitive waters by US naval vessels since Joe Biden took office in January and coincided with a naval drill by the People's Liberation Army Navy carrier strike group near the island of Taiwan in the South China Sea.
04-08 22:53:33