Experts highlight importance of national security legislation for Hong Kong
The national security legislation for Hong Kong will help stop acts endangering China's sovereignty and security and promote the special administrative region's peace and prosperity, experts have said.
05-29 16:44:35
US' scapegoating China doomed to fail
It has been a consensus in the international medical community that the place first reporting the outbreak may not be the source of the virus. Through analyzing earlier cases, some European and American researchers found that infections had already existed before the outbreak in Wuhan. It remains a mystery where the novel coronavirus came from.
05-29 12:15:09
China, India don't need US help on their frictions
The latest dispute can be solved bilaterally by China and India. The two countries should keep alert on the US, which exploits every chance to create waves that jeopardize regional peace and order.
05-29 08:42:30
Hubei's revival symbolizes Chinese Spirit
Being the province hit hardest and suffered with longest lockdown during the COVID-19 pandemic in China, Hubei has been under the spotlight during the two sessions. It witnesses all the key elements of China's anti-epidemic stories. If we understand the revival of Hubei, we'd understand the Chinese Spirit that has kept the country on its feet through all the tribulations in history.
05-28 23:29:24
Spotlight: How foreign people in Hong Kong think of national security legislation
China is set to make Hong Kong national security laws as a related decision was adopted at the national legislature on Thursday. Three foreign people familiar with Hong Kong told Xinhua their views on the legislation.
05-28 23:19:22
Safeguarding national security shared obligation of all Chinese people, including Hong Kong compatriots
Deputies to the National People's Congress (NPC) voted overwhelmingly Thursday at the third session of the 13th NPC to approve the NPC Decision on Establishing and Improving the Legal System and Enforcement Mechanisms for the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR) to Safeguard National Security.
05-29 01:03:09
US' virus claims 'political manipulation'
Some US Congress members' bills accusing China of lacking transparency or being responsible for the spread of the novel coronavirus in the United States are nothing but "political manipulation," Chinese lawmakers said.
05-28 18:00:38
For quite some time, certain American politicians have rampantly slandered China through politicization and stigmatization to deflect domestic problems and shirk responsibilities for the poor pandemic response at home, They have not only accused China of cover-up and delayed response, but also instigated other countries to claim reparations from China.
05-27 16:32:03
No thank you, Trump. China and India don't require U.S. mediation
Donald Trump tweeted on Wednesday that "We have informed both India and China that the United States is ready, willing and able to mediate or arbitrate their now raging border dispute." His proposal to help resolve the recent border standoff between the two Asian neighbors isn't likely to succeed, however, because they don't require U.S. assistance in this respect.
05-28 18:07:00
Where is US-Germany relationship going amid deeper divergence on NATO's nuclear policy?
Washington and Berlin won't break up completely, although they have many conflicts and divisions on NATO's nuclear policy. Rather. Yet with the rising uncertainties within Europe over recent years and the expanding terrorism worldwide, the nuclear weapons deployed by the US in Germany and the Europe as a whole have become a potential destabilizing factor. This is a challenge that Washington and Berlin have to think over and deal with carefully.
05-27 16:44:46
China and US should jointly steer right direction of bilateral ties and avoid new Cold War
On May 24, Chinese State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi said at a press conference during the two sessions about China-US relations that it is now necessary to be vigilant as some US political forces are abducting China-US relations, trying to push China-US relations to the so-called new Cold War and such dangerous attempt turns back the wheel of history.
05-27 15:50:45
Whoever speaks well of China would be attacked - this has become a hysterical new normal for some American politicians. Not long ago, the WHO director-general Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus and famous American IT tycoon Bill Gates were fiercely slammed by those politicians for their affirmation of China's anti-epidemic efforts and success.
05-26 17:11:49
A western idiom goes like this, "There are none so blind as those who will not see". We've long known that lying through their teeth is the “survival skill” for some American politicians, but we never expected it to become their "only skill left". Unfortunately, this is exactly the reality now.
05-25 16:22:50
Much to expect from China-Japan-ROK cooperation in post-COVID-19 era
The COVID-19 pandemic will be defeated eventually, but friendship forged in fighting it will last long and beyond. "Though we live in different lands, the same moon and sky make us one" and "United by the same humanity, we forget our nationality".
05-27 00:08:14
Hyping up China's military expenditure is unreasonable and untenable
It is reported that China's military budget for 2020 increases by 6.6%, a one-digit growth rate for five consecutive years. As always, some foreign media have made a fuss over China's military expenditure even though 6.6% is the lowest growth rate in recent years.
05-25 22:36:08
Death knell sounded for external intervention in Hong Kong
Some dishonorable Western politicians have always tried to exploit every possible chance to meddle in China's internal affairs. Most recently, they have turned their accusing fingers towards Beijing's legitimate efforts to better protect the country's national security.
05-26 21:36:05