Russia's development of new ground effect vehicle targets future warfare
The Alekseyev Central Hydrofoil Design Bureau of Russia is developing the next-generation super-heavy airborne transport ground effect vehicle (GEV) named "Rescuer".
07-20 16:48:19
India and Pakistan's participation in SCO joint exercise attracts attention
As India and Pakistan’s first joint military exercise after their independence, this exercise will be of certain significance to the alleviation of the tension on the India-Pakistan border.
07-19 16:13:28
Japan-US Nuclear Energy Agreement extension raises concerns about nuclear proliferation
Although the Japanese government relieved by the automatic extension of the Japan-US Nuclear Energy Agreement, it has to be clear about how it plans to use the 47 tons of plutonium to address the concerns of the international community.
07-17 16:57:48
What's Trump’s intention of repeatedly irritating Germany and other allies?
Letting European allies take on more responsibilities under the NATO framework helps the US free up its hands, so that the US can push the strategic focus to the east to deal with the "major power competition" from the "Indo-Pacific" region.
07-16 16:32:30
Russian military receives 600 new weapons in Q2
The Russian Armed Forces received over 600 new weapons in the second quarter of this year, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said Friday.
07-21 00:15:14
Belarusian army team in China for International Army Games 2018
A team representing the Belarusian army arrived in China on 18 July in order to participate in the International Army Games 2018.
07-20 11:22:05
Indian Air Force pilot killed in MiG-21 fighter jet crash
A pilot of Indian Air Force (IAF) was killed Wednesday after a MiG-21 fighter jet he was flying crashed in northern Indian state of Himachal Pradesh, police said.
07-18 22:53:23
2 Palestinians injured as Israeli drone strikes launchers of arson balloons
An Israeli army drone fired a missile at a group of Palestinian young men launching arson balloons from eastern Gaza City into Israel, injuring two of them, medical sources said.
07-17 22:54:25