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Aero India 2017 shows new changes in Indian defense market
The latest Aero India indicates that while introducing advanced technologies from overseas, native Indian enterprises have also stepped up technological innovation and demonstrated military products with high PPR to foreign users
02-20 17:25:26
Tough U.S. demands for burden-sharing dominate NATO talks
NATO Defense Ministers ended their two-day talks in Brussels on Thursday whose agenda was dominated by discussions about increasing defense spending.
02-18 22:57:54
Angel or devil? US troops in Japan kill over 1,000 Japanese
The Okinawa Times reported that areas around US military bases are prone to public security cases and the stationed US troops have become a heavy burden for Okinawa.
02-16 17:27:17
Mattis's Asia visit adds uncertainty to regional stability
US Defense Secretary James Mattis' reiteration of America's defense commitments to its allies in Asia during his maiden visit to the region over the weekend has added uncertainty to regional stability.
02-07 16:18:58
Scotland's military bases to be upgraded as part of 2 bln USD-plus program
More than 2.1 billion U.S.dollars is to be invested in upgrading Scottish military bases, British Defense Secretary Sir Michael Fallon announced Friday in Edinburgh.
02-25 21:57:18
THAAD deployment in S.Korea depends on land swap contract with Lotte: defense ministry
The timing of the U.S. missile shield deployment in South Korean soil will depend on a land swap contract with Lotte Group, Seoul's defense ministry said Friday.
02-24 15:10:11
U.S.-led coalition kills 876 civilians since 2014 in Syria: monitor group
As many as 876 civilians have been killed by the U.S.-led anti-terror coalition strikes in Syria since September of 2014, a monitor group reported on Feb 23, 2017.
02-23 22:31:23
New Zealand navy chief visits Singapore to enhance defence relations
Chief of the Royal New Zealand Navy Rear Admiral John Martin called on Singapore's Minister for Defence Ng Eng Hen on Wednesday, Singapore's Ministry of Defence said in a statement.
02-22 23:54:49