Chinese military slams US warplane's Taiwan Strait flyover
Such provocative move by the US side jeopardizes regional situation and harms the peace and stability across the Taiwan Strait, the Chinese side is adamantly opposed to that.
PLA Hong Kong Garrison conducts maritime training exercise
Recently, guided-missile frigates Suqian (Hull 666) and Jingmen (Hull 667) attached to the PLA Hong Kong Garrison conducted a multi-subject maritime training exercise in waters off Hong Kong.
New-type tracked armored engineer vehicle debuts in rescue drills on plateau
Recently, a combined-arms regiment under the PLA Xinjiang Military Command conducted a combat rescue and repair exercise at a training ground on the Karakoram plateau at an elevation of 5,300 meters.
16th Chinese peacekeeping engineer contingent to Sudan returns home
All peacekeepers of the 16th Chinese peacekeeping engineer contingent to Sudan returned home on the morning of August 4 after successfully completing a ten-month peacekeeping mission. A grand welcome ceremony was held for them at the camp.