Five professional militia units attend flag presentation ceremony in Xizang

China Military Online
Li Jiayao
2020-06-18 19:29:24
Members of the Snow Hawk Air Patrol Team line up to participate in the ceremony on June 15. (Photo by Guo Weifeng)

By Guo Weifeng and Ma Sancheng

LHASA, June 18 -- The PLA Xizang Military Command, together with local government, held a flag presentation ceremony for the new militia units at the Militia Training Base in Lhasa Garrison on the morning of June 15.

Five professional teams specialized in alpine missions, including the Snow Hawk Air Patrol Team, Snow Pigeon Communication Team, Snow Wolf Mountaineering Expedition, Snow Mastiff Fighting Team, and Snow Fox Quick Response Team joined the militia force.

The Tibetan military and local authorities, in line with the needs of border defense on the plateau, have utilized local resources to find professional backbones in emerging fields, set up new-type militia units and conducted intensive training since the beginning of this year.

"It’s a great honor to become a militia member of the Snow Hawk Air Patrol team," said Tibetan female pilot JianreYixi. Her company is mainly responsible for air patrols and aerial treatments in forest protection. This time, the company has dispatched its elite personnel, equipment, and technical forces to join the patrol team.

The other four enterprises are also the most professional forces in the region.

The communication company where the Snow Pigeon Communication Team is located is known as the guard of plateau emergency communication in the industry.

The mountaineering and exploration service company, where the Snow Wolf Mountaineering Expedition is located, is a famous domestic mountaineering club and an alpine mountain climbing training school.

The mining company where the Snow Fox Alpine Quick Response Team is located is equipped with various types of advanced rescue vehicles, which makes it a fast logistics support force.

The sports company, where the Snow Mastiff Fighting Team is located, owns a well-known fighting club that has dispatched members to participate in many domestic and international combat wrestling competitions and achieved satisfactory results.

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