PLA Xizang Military Command holds coordinated exercise in plateau region

China Military Online
Li Jiayao
2020-06-15 18:39:49
An infantry battalion of a brigade under the PLA Xizang Military Command holds infantry and tanks coordinated exercise. (Photo/Chinanews)

By Ren Feng and He Penglei

LHASA, June 15 -- An infantry battalion of a brigade under the PLA Xizang Military Command organized infantry and tank coordinated exercise at the elevation of more than 4,700 meters, to comprehensively test the troops' coordination and rapid response capacity.

This exercise focused on the subjects including infantry and tank offensive formation, enemy firepower strike, initiation of attack, defensive counter-impact, in-depth attack, etc.

During the drill, the battalion put emphases on combining the tank's fierce firepower, strong protection and fast maneuverability with the infantry's flexible maneuverability and strong perception. It has given prominence to such events as long-distance strike by tank at enemy’s forward firepower points, infantry-guided maneuver of tank, tank-guided marching of infantry, fast maneuver of infantry facilitated by tanks, etc., which highlighted the coordination and mutual support capacity between the infantry and the tanks.

The participating troops included ground forces, battlefield service and airborne penetration forces. They have been brought to a completely unfamiliar high-altitude area, which set a severe test for the coordination between the commanders and different arms.

After the drill, the battalion summed up the experience for the actual plateau combat training, analyzed the exposed problems and deficiencies, and formed a plan that met the actual combat requirements of the plateau environment for better combat readiness.

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