Military units take serious part in garbage sorting for environmental protection

China Military Online
Li Jiayao
2020-06-05 17:27:36
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By Sun Xingwei and Zhou Shengyong

BEIJING, June 5 -- Recently, the Logistic Support Department under the Central Military Commission (CMC) has re-deployed the domestic waste sorting works in military units, clarified the targets and tasks in details, improved supporting facilities, and deepened military-civilian cooperation.

All military units are supposed to refer to the national classification standards, to distinguish between "hazardous waste, recyclables, kitchen waste, and other waste”. Then, based on their own specific conditions, the military units are recommended to formulate relatively unified categories for classification, and to roll out eye-catching signs for the classification with established unified standards.

To improve supporting facilities, each unit is supposed to make full use of existing facilities and equipment in accordance with the overall requirements of the delivery, collection, transportation, and processing of the sorted garbage and make necessary supplement facilities.

By the end of 2020, the military units stationed in municipalities directly under the Central Government, provincial capital cities, and cities specifically designated in the state plan, as well as in the first batch of domestic waste classification demonstration cities, will have basically realized the accurate classification and collection, and effectively connected with the classified transportation and classification processing system in the region.

By the end of 2025, military units stationed in cities above the prefecture-level will have strictly implemented the domestic waste classification system, with the overall recycling rate of household waste up to over 35%.

The CMC Logistic Support Department requires that military units at all levels should enhance the financial support for domestic waste sorting, actively attract social capital to participate in the construction, renovation, and operation of sorting facilities, and promote the logistics support for garbage sorting.

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