Chinese military demands Indian border troops stop infringing and provocative actions

China Military Online
Li Jiayao
2020-06-16 23:03:28

BEIJING, June 16 -- On the evening of June 15, in the Galvan Valley area on the China-India border, the Indian military, reneging on its commitments, crossed the Line of Actual Control (LAC) once again and deliberately launched provocative attacks, which caused violent physical clashes between the two sides and casualties, said a Chinese military spokesperson on Tuesday.

Senior Colonel Zhang Shuili, spokesperson for the Western Theater Command of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army, made a statement on Tuesday over the clashes between Chinese and Indian border troops in the Galvan Valley area.

The sovereignty over the Galvan Valley area has always belonged to China, said Sen. Col. Zhang in the statement. He pointed out that the Indian border troops reneged on their commitments, seriously violated agreements and protocols between the two countries on border issues and the consensus reached at the commander-level talks between the two militaries, and severely undermined the Sino-Indian military relations and the feelings of the two peoples.

“We demand the Indian military strictly restrain its frontline troops, immediately stop all infringing and provocative actions, work with the Chinese side towards the same goal, and return to the right track of resolving differences through dialogue and talks,” Sen. Col. Zhang stressed in the statement.

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