Forum of heads of int'l naval academies kicks off

China Military Online
Li Jiayao
2022-12-18 18:57:43

By Huang Lipeng and Qian Xiaohu

BEIJING, Dec.18 -- The Chinese PLA Navy held an online forum for the heads of international naval academies under the theme of "maritime community with a shared future" at the PLA Naval Command College from December 15 to 16.

Focused on educational innovation, opening-up and cooperation among naval academies, the forum has invited more than 50 representatives from China and other 27 countries, as well as several military attachés in China. Deputy Commander of the PLA Navy Vice Admiral Li Yujie delivered an opening speech.

Concentrating on topics of "function and orientation", "tradition and innovation", and "exchanges and cooperation", experts conducted discussions in terms of the role and running orientation of naval academies in the overall layout of national and military talent cultivation, and exchanged ideas on the reform and innovation in education, teaching, and academy construction in the face of the changes of times and scientific and technological development during the event.

The participants believed that the forum has been a useful exploration to promote the joint improvement of the educational level of naval academies from various countries. All parties should build consensus in exchanges and cooperation and make new and greater contributions to building a maritime community with a shared future.

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