New equipment enhances smart border defense

China Military Online
Li Jiayao
2022-12-14 17:10:05
The Photo shows a JM ATV.

BEIJING, Dec. 14 -- The Baketu border defense company of the PLA Xinjiang Military Command is stationed on China’s northwest border guarding the 19.2km borderline with Kazakhstan. The border patrol team used to walk a whole day in snow while patrolling the borderline in winter, but this year, it was otherwise. In a recent patrol, the troops used the new type of all-terrain vehicle (ATV), handset radio, security camera with laser-assisted auto-focus, and other new devices.

The newly distributed JM ATV measuring 8m in length consists of two parts, the first part being the driver's cabin, while the second being the air-conditioned patrol cabin. It can accommodate 12 people at most with a maximum speed of 60km/h. Boasting great climbing capacity and strong power, the ATV can move on various complex terrains such as snowfields, mountains, forests, deserts and swamps, even if there is a steep slope.

According to the patrollers, it was very hard to access certain spots along the long borderline in winter due to strong wind and thick snow. The newly distributed ATV and other new devices enabled the border defense company to perform duties more efficiently with their strong maneuverability and great performance, helping ensure smart border defense and stability in the border region.

The Photo shows a portable radio.
The Photo shows the security camera with laser-assisted auto-focus.


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