UNGA Resolution 2758 must not be challenged: spokesperson

Chen Zhuo
2022-10-26 09:04:49

BEIJING, Oct. 25 (Xinhua) -- Chinese foreign ministry spokesperson Wang Wenbin said on Tuesday that the history of more than half a century has proved that the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) Resolution 2758 must not be challenged and the one-China principle is unshakable.

Wang made the remarks when answering a query in regard to those forces in the United States who have for some time spread fallacies regarding UNGA Resolution 2758.

On Oct. 25, 1971, the UNGA adopted Resolution 2758 by an overwhelming majority, Wang said, adding that the resolution not only restored all the rights of the People's Republic of China and recognized the representatives of its government as the only legitimate representatives of China to the UN, but also required the expulsion of representatives of Taiwan authorities from the place which they unlawfully occupy at the United Nations and in all the organizations related to it.

Once and for all, Resolution 2758 resolved, politically, legally and procedurally, the issue of the representation of the whole of China, including Taiwan, in the UN and international institutions, and it has also made it clear that there can only be one seat representing China in the UN, Wang said.

Wang added that the one-China principle has become a prevailing consensus of the international community and a widely-held basic norm of international relations, thus fully eliminating any room for anyone, any country or any force to create "two Chinas" or "one China, one Taiwan." The Taiwan region has no basis, ground or right whatsoever to participate in the UN or any other international organizations that can only be joined by sovereign countries.

"Over the past 51 years, on the basis of abiding by the one-China principle, the number of countries having established diplomatic relations with China has risen from over 60 to 181. This fully shows that the one-China principle has the overwhelming support and recognition of the international community and represents the irreversible trend of the world, Wang said.

In recent years, some forces in the U.S. have deliberately distorted UNGA Resolution 2758 and falsely claimed that the resolution does not decide Taiwan's status, and called for Taiwan's participation in the UN system, Wang said. "In doing so, they have attempted to fudge and hollow out the one-China principle and connive at and support the 'Taiwan independence' separatist activities, which has seriously harmed peace and stability in the Taiwan Strait."

Such attempts to turn back the wheel of history will only meet the opposition of the international community and fail completely in front of the strong resolution, will and capability of the Chinese people to defend national sovereignty and territorial integrity, Wang said.

He said that the history of more than half a century shows that UNGA Resolution 2758 must not be challenged and the one-China principle is unshakable. "The wheels of history are rolling on toward China's reunification and the rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. Complete reunification of our country can, without doubt, be realized!"

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