American "rules" become source of chaos in world

China Military Online
Li Weichao
2022-06-20 17:52:53

American military-industrial complex (MIC) profited from the chaos and made a great fortune. The US is addicted to fanning the flames for its own selfish interests, and doesn’t hesitate to plunge other countries into the quagmire of war . Such American "rules" will only bring chaos to the world.

Devastated cities and displaced refugees all speak of the cruelty of war. Since the Ukraine crisis came to the surface, the US has continued to fan the flames and create tensions, which eventually led to the outbreak of the conflict. After that, the US spared no efforts to send weapons to Ukraine, and increased sanctions on Russia at the same time, making its MIC the largest profiteer amid the chaos.

The US incites opposition and takes the opportunity to make a fortune. For a long time, the US has harvested wealth by fanning the flames around the world. The driving force behind it is the bloodthirsty "monster" – a community of shared interests composed of US military and political officials, military-industrial enterprises and members of the Congress. In recent years, from Europe to the Middle East, from the Asia-Pacific to Latin America, American politicians have been seeking "business opportunities" for military enterprises by inciting confrontation and conflicts. Since the escalation of Russia-Ukraine conflict, the US has provided Ukraine with various military aids to egg Ukraine and provoke Russia. Not long ago, US President Joe Biden signed a bill to provide Ukraine with an additional US$40 billion military aid. However, the biggest beneficiary of this bill is not Ukraine, but US military contractors. According to US media reports, US military contractors will receive no less than US$17 billion in additional revenue. The reason why the US is constantly fanning the flames is self-evident: an armistice agreement cannot feed arms companies.

The US imposes sanctions at its will to reap the benefits. The US has continued to impose tougher sanctions on Iran in recent years, which has intensified the confrontation between the US and Iran and pushed it to the brink of war many times. For security reasons, the Gulf countries have purchased US arms one after another, and "naturally" became major customers of US arms sales. Just as the US continued to fan flames, the stock prices of its major military-industrial enterprises rose sharply. Even though its European allies are suffering heavy political, economic and social costs, the US only cares about reaping dividends for itself.

The US provokes confrontation and causes unrest. Amid the consistent turbulence in the Middle East , the large-scale US arms sales to the Middle East have provoked an arms race among countries in the region, which has intensified rifts and contradictions. According to the report released by the World Policy Institute, US weapons play a dominant role in many hotspot conflicts. To create "demand" for the arms business, the US MIC is keen to push the US's foreign policy in the direction of war and conflict. However, with the in-depth development of globalization today, the cost of war and conflict is to be borne by the whole world. After the outbreak of the Russia-Ukraine conflict, the US wooed allies to impose several sanctions on Russia. As a result, it is difficult for Russian agricultural products to enter the global market and an overall surge in the prices of grains and edible oil was triggered.

Over the years, the US has exhausted all resources to build up its military power and its military spending continued to hit record highs, but it has no money to solve domestic livelihood problems. The US government claimed that it could not offer enough resources to tackle problems such as high domestic inflation, the resurgence of the pandemic, aging infrastructure, and continuous gun violence, but it provided Ukraine with US$40 billion in aid to fight a "proxy war".

The greatest threat for the US is not others but itself. It’s time for the US to stop its selfish acts of fanning the flames. It is time to review this famous line: "No man is an island, entire of itself. Any man's death diminishes me, because I am involved in mankind. And therefore never send to know for whom the bell tolls; it tolls for thee."


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