Irresponsible US deceives world, harms itself

China Military Online
Li Jiayao
2022-06-16 17:24:58

By Qiao Jihong and Xie Binbin

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken delivered a speech on US policy toward China recently and once again exaggerated the so-called China threat and emphasized strategic game with China. Based on this speech full of lies, prejudice and Cold War mentality, the current US administration has not only failed to correct the wrong practices that undermined China-US relations in the past but has gone further on the road of worsening relations with China.

As the world's largest and second-largest economies, the bilateral relations between the US and China are of great importance to the world. The US keeps besieging and suppressing China and wantonly smearing China and inciting confrontation to safeguard its hegemonic interests. This is irresponsible to the world and to its own people.

Since the Biden administration took office, they have positioned China as a "strategic competitor" with the so-called “competition-collaboration-confrontation” trichotomy. The China policy speech this time further summarized its strategy towards China into three things, "investment, alliance and competition". That is, to invest in itself, keep the supply chain in the US, keep America's innovation advantage, and form alliances with so-called like-minded allies to form various small circles against China. The goal is to compete with China. From the rule of thirds to the three-point theory, the essence is to use all the resources inside and outside the US to contain and suppress China in an all-around way.

The US regards China as an imaginary enemy and insists on provoking confrontation. This will only poison international relations and seriously threaten world peace and stability. Recently, the US has repeatedly made waves to suppress China, from convening the Quadrilateral Security Dialogue (Quad)to build a closed and exclusive clique, to concocting the Indo-Pacific Economic Framework for Prosperity (IPEF) and engaging in coercive diplomacy, and then causing troubles on issues related to Taiwan, Hong Kong, Xinjiang, and Xizang, the US has repeatedly and wantonly play with fire. The US Foreign Affairs magazine published an article saying that the US's containment of China will divide its relations with its allies and partners and make the international order more chaotic.

The US policy toward China reflects a dangerous countercurrent surging in Washington. In this countercurrent, the idea of maintaining a sober, rational, and objective relationship with China has been abandoned, and it is politically correct to advocate containing and suppressing China. This so-called political correctness reflects the self-interest of American hegemony and serves only a few interest groups in the US.

For the world and the American people, the US is the greatest irresponsibility, and a complete betrayal of the responsibility of a major power. It has no sense of responsibility and long-term vision and will only increase the risk of leading the future and destiny of mankind astray. The US side must make the right choice on how to promote the positive interaction between China and the US, how to assume the responsibility of a major power, and how to play its due role in the cause of mankind's peace and development.

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