China urges U.S. to 'match their words with deeds'

Li Weichao
2022-05-20 21:04:47

We hope that the U.S. can develop an open and inclusive circle of friends in the Asia-Pacific region, do more to promote peace and development, instead of creating turmoil and chaos in the region, Wang Wenbin, spokesperson of the Chinese Foreign Ministry, said at a regular press briefing in Beijing on Friday.

U.S. President Joe Biden arrived in South Korea on Friday for his first summit with new South Korean President Yoon Suk-yeol. U.S. National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan said Wednesday that Biden's trip to Asia is not about confrontation with China.

Wang said China hopes that the U.S. will match their words with deeds and work with other countries in the Indo-Pacific region to promote unity and cooperation, instead of plotting division and confrontation.

When talking about the Indo-Pacific Economic Framework set to launch during Biden's trip, Wang said that China believes every regional cooperation framework should be consistent with the trend of the times for peace and development, and serve to promote the mutual trust and cooperation between countries. It should not target any other parties and should not be selective or exclusive.


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