The US, war monger and profiteer

Ukraine crisis mirrors US' base role on international stage (X)

China Military Online
Li Jiayao
2022-04-11 16:54:37

By Jun Sheng

The White House submitted its FY 2023 budget request to the Congress on March 28, which included a defense budget of USD 813.3 billion – one of the largest investments in national security in American history – allegedly because of the Russian-Ukraine crisis and other factors. This made some American politicians and arms dealers’ day.

The Ukraine crisis, which was instigated by the US in the first place and has been continuously fueled by it, has recently kept American moguls in military-industrial, energy and financial sectors busy counting money. Despite its constant pledge to engage with Russia diplomatically, the US has left no stone unturned to hype up the war threat and escalate the situation. And look what we have now – the conflict between Russia and Ukraine keeps fermenting, casualties keep rising, and the world, especially Europe, is taking a disastrous economic toll. Preaching “morality and justice” while practicing nothing but business – this is the true color of some American politicians, who would stop at nothing for profits and are now busy lining their pockets through the war.

While making gestures to “put out fires”, the US is actually employing all kinds of dirty tricks to fuel the flames. Russia urged NATO to promise, in a legal form, not to expand eastward further or include Ukraine and several other countries in the bloc, yet Washington, continuing its tough stance on Russia, expressed support for Ukraine’s inclusion in NATO and kept sending it more military aid. Before the conflict broke out, it shipped multiple batches of weapons to Ukraine with the promise to provide more military and economic aid. It also sent more troops to NATO member countries near Ukraine such as Poland and Romania to keep exacerbating the tension.

A look back on America’s trouble-making history easily reveals that creating geopolitical tension has been American arms dealers’ usual ploy of money-making. Over the years, wherever there is war and turmoil, there is America bringing wood to fire. In the 21st century, it has fed its military-industrial complex on the Afghan War, the Iraqi War and other wars. A research report shows that starting from 2018, the world’s top five military-industrial corporations all come from America. In comparison to the diplomatic means of peace negotiations, they are more interested in intensifying the tension to stimulate weapon demand and consequently make more economic and political gains.

The US is in the habit of agitating confrontation and conflict to profiteer from war. According to an arms sale trend report released by Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI), from 2017 to 2021, the global weapon transaction volume contracted a little compared with the previous five-year period, but America’s overseas arms sales shot up sharply because its military-industrial corporations and some politicians were eagerly feeding off wars.

The ongoing Russia-Ukraine conflict is a money-spinner for American military industry and other sectors. As soon as the conflict broke out, Washington announced to provide USD 350 million worth of military aid to Ukraine, followed by USD 800 million worth of weapons announced on March 16.

It is really insidious and contemptible for the US to keep hyping up the crisis of war and allow its military-industrial complex to fish in troubled waters. Adam Smith, Chairman of the House Armed Services Committee, once warned that it is impossible and inadvisable for the US to always seek overwhelming military superiority because that would send a wrong signal and take America to a new Cold War.

Facts prove that what America has done – pursuing its own interests at the expense of other countries – is extremely detrimental to international security and stability. As the “destroyer” of international security, it must do some serious self-reflection, stop its dirty tricks of rocking regional security, and stop speculating on and profiteering from wars!

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