FM spokesman condemns hypocrisy of US 'democracy summit'

China Daily
Li Wei
2021-12-07 22:49:34

Beijing said on Tuesday that Washington had no qualification to hold a summit in the name of democracy.

Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian made the remarks as the United States plans to convene a "Summit for Democracy" on Dec 9, which has drawn wide criticism for dividing the world.

Jen Psaki, White House press secretary, said at a press briefing the summit was to explore to work together to "promote and defend democracy" and no matter the criticism they get from any country around the world, there is nothing they're going to apologize for.

Zhao refuted her remarks by issuing three consecutive questions over the US' undemocratic behavior at a daily news briefing.

"Is the US defending democracy by creating a tragedy of human rights?" Zhao asked, referring to Washington's botched handling of COVID-19.

Zhao noted there were over 800 thousand people dying of the pandemic and nearly 50 million patients suffering despite the US having the most advanced medical resources and technologies in the world.

"Is the US defending democracy with its entrenched racial discrimination and prevailing White supremacy?" he asked, adding there was no ethnic equality in the US.

"Is the US defending democracy by transplanting democracy that fails to work and even instigating infamous 'color revolutions'?" he asked.

According to the spokesman, wars and military actions waged by Washington in various countries including Afghanistan, Libya, Iraq and Syria have cost tens of thousands of lives and displaced tens of millions of people from their homes.

"Is such a country that ignores democracy, like the United States, qualified to summon a summit in the name of democracy?" Zhao asked.

Zhao also cited surveys and reports as saying 44 percent of people around the globe considered the US the biggest threat to democracy, while only 17 percent of Americans believed US democracy was worth following.

The spokesman also said surveys and reports showed 45 percent of people in the US thought democracy in their country had been dysfunctional, 52 percent of US young people believed US democracy had already failed while 81 percent of American citizens believed US democracy faces severe domestic threats.


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