120 EMS stations opened to serve border and coastal defense troops

China Military Online
Chen Zhuo
2021-05-12 23:16:28
Soldiers pick up their packages. (Photo by Wu Yinghao)

By Sun Xingwei and Sun Chengcheng

BEIJING, May 12 -- The transportation and delivery office of the Logistic Support Department under the Central Military Commission (CMC) is working with the State Post Bureau and China Post Group Co., Ltd. on formulation of concrete measures to further extend postal services to the border and coastal defense points in remote areas.

In June last year, the successful military-civil joint efforts made the Sanshili Camp in Pishan County in southern Xinjing had access to express mail service (EMS). From then on, the troops stationed there have been able to enjoy convenient and efficient postal express services.

It is learnt that China Post Group Co., Ltd. has spared no effort to ensure that the EMS will be opened at 120 remote border and coastal defense points before 1st of July this year, except for several islets and plateau localities that do not currently have the conditions for regular postal services.

To meet the demands of the troops, the China Post can adjust EMS business hours timely and increase the distribution frequencies. In addition, post offices in barracks and dedicated postal routes will be opened to further ensure the troop units stationed in remore areas with poor transportation have access to convenient EMS.

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