Online military outfits precision distribution in full swing

China Military Online
Li Jiayao
2021-05-08 23:41:41

By Xu Yong and Sun Xingwei

BEIJING, May 8 -- According to the Logistic Support Department of the Central Military Commission, service members will be able to personally apply for outfits via an outfit precision application platform of the PLA from May 11.

Applying-by-yourself is a new mode which enables the service members to select what they need online at any time within the total amounts given and following certain rules. The new mode is accessible to both the military personnel in active service and civilian personnel in the military. They are able to apply for ceremonial uniforms, dress uniforms, combat uniforms, outfits and bedding, etc.

Compared with the old one, the new mode has been modified in terms of supply standards, requirements, procedures and periods. According to individual orders, local logistics companies commissioned by the military are responsible for sorting and distribution instead of the military logistics departments. The supply period has also changed from the perious two-seaon distribution in summer and winter to application anytime and all year round, The online outfit precision application platform allows service members to submit their orders of outfits at any time when necessary.

A responsible officer from a relevant sub-department under the CMC Logistic Support Department pointed out that the online precision application of outfits is an important measure to promote the logistics modernization drive of the Chinese military and accelerate the precision supply of outfits.

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