Chinese peacekeeping engineers to South Sudan complete road repair task

China Military Online
Chen Zhuo
2021-05-07 20:32:17


Chinese peacekeeping engineers are busy operating excavators to load macadam and lay a foundation for the road in fulfilling the task of repairing the 103-kilometer-long supply line connecting South Sudan’s capital Juba with Wau. (Photo by Han Yimin)

BEIJING, May 7 -- After 127 days of hard work, the 11th Chinese peacekeeping engineer contingent to South Sudan (Wau) has recently completed the repair of the main supply line from Wau to Tonj.

The 103-kilometer-long supply line is an important traffic route connecting South Sudan’s capital Juba with Wau. Perennial rainwater scouring and vehicle rubbing had seriously deformed the road. The reopening of the road after repair will largely facilitate the lives of nearby residents and promote local economic development.

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