PLA courts carry out cross-regional case filing service

China Military Online
Xu Yi
2021-03-16 20:28:24

By Xing Hongbo and Jia Xiaohui

BEIJING, Mar. 16 -- Under the unified deployment of the Supreme People's Court, China’s military and civilian justice systems have recently established a collaboration mechanism to comprehensively carry out cross-regional case filing service across the country, enabling the remote case-filing for the service members and military-related personnel.

For a long time, in response to the fact that scattered troops contrast with relatively centralized military courts, China’s military justice system has developed various forms of case filing through telephone, Internet, mail, or the circuit courts, so as to provide convenient litigation service for the military members. Since the beginning of this year, the military courts have deepened the reform of cross-regional case filing service, strengthened collaboration with the civilian courts, integrated military and civilian trial resources, and continuously explored innovative ways to serve litigants.

The newly emerged cross-regional case filing service allows the military units, service members and military-related personnel who encounter litigation issues to submit litigation materials to the nearest military court, basic civilian court , or intermediate civilian court, inside or outside of the troops’ stationed areas. And after that, the litigation materials would be collected and transferred to the military or civilian courts with jurisdiction through the case-handling system, where the case shall be filed in accordance with the law.

Through the cross-regional remote handling and cross-level joint handling of cases, military and civilian courts across the country at all levels can achieve close collaboration, which brings great convenience to the service members.

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