A Chinese netizen abroad wanted by Beijing police for slandering heroes

China Military Online
Li Jiayao
2021-03-16 18:43:03

BEIJING, Mar. 16 -- According to a report issued by Haidian District Public Security Bureau in Beijing on March 15, Pan, a 30-year-old SinaWeibo user, was reported to have published rumors on the platform on June 23 last year to defame heroes and martyrs safeguarding China's border areas, who have been widely reported in China, giving rise to negative social impact.

After investigation, the police found that the report was true, but Pan has been abroad ever since he left Beijing on February 2, 2020. So, the Beijing Haidian police has issued a criminal detention order against Pan in accordance with the law, initiated the hunting procedure, and urged him to return China for further investigation as soon as possible.

The Beijing police stated that they will resolutely crack down on any act that insults, slanders, or infringes upon the reputation and honor of heroes and martyrs.

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