Spokesperson for Chinese embassy in ROK: China's Coast Guard Law complies with international conventions

China Military Online
Li Jiayao
2021-02-04 09:58:51

SEOUL, Feb. 3 -- Wang Wei, the spokesperson for the Chinese embassy in the Republic of Korea (ROK), said on February 2 that the Coast Guard Law of the People’s Republic of China fully complies with the international law and conventions, when answering the ROK reporters’ questions.

The Coast Guard Law of the People’s Republic of China officially came into effect on February 1. According to the spokesperson, it is quite similar to the ROK’s marine police law and basically the same as the coast guard laws of other countries.

Promulgating the law is a regular legislative activity of China’s National People’s Congress and a step taken by China to intensify the maritime rule of law. Aiming to specify the functions, authority and supervision of coast guard organizations and providing the legal basis for relevant law enforcement and foreign cooperation, the law will help the China Coast Guard to better perform the duties and obligations and maintain the maritime order under international conventions.

When asked how the official implementation of the law will affect the ROK’s maritime rights and interests, as well as the ROK-China relationship, Wang Wei pointed out that the ROK and China are neighbors facing each other across the sea. China will keep its maritime policy stance and continue to work with relevant countries to properly address maritime conflicts and divergences through dialogue and consultation, so as to jointly to keep the region peaceful and stable.

He also emphasized that China is willing to deepen cooperation with the ROK on maritime issues to maintain the sound momentum of bilateral relations and bring more benefits to the two people.

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