China, U.S. need dialogue, not confrontation: Chinese ambassador

Li Jiayao
2021-01-28 14:19:46

WASHINGTON, Jan. 27 (Xinhua) -- The only way for China and the United States to get out of their differences and disagreements is "candid and equal-footed dialogue on the basis of mutual respect," said Chinese Ambassador Cui Tiankai on Wednesday.

Cui made the remarks when delivering his speech at the "China-U.S. Engagement: Past Achievements & Future Adjustments" Online Dialogue, which was organized by the Chinese People's Association for Peace and Disarmament and the Carter Center Wednesday evening.

"Our two countries have not a small number of differences and disagreements. The only way out of them is candid and equal-footed dialogue on the basis of mutual respect," he said.

On specific issues, the two countries should explore solutions acceptable to both sides on the basis of goodwill for goodwill, and good faith for good faith, he said, adding that "claiming that dialogue is useless is no less than advocating confrontation."

"At the same time, some issues have been raised in China-U.S. relations under the banner of 'values', but in fact they all focus on China's territory, so much so that people cannot but question the real intention behind," he said.

"On issues that concern its sovereignty, reunification and territorial integrity, China will not back down, and it is hoped that the U.S. side will respect China's core interests and refrain from crossing the red line," he said.

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