China ensures comprehensive winter supplies for frontier troops in Tibet

China Military Online
Wang Xinjuan
2020-12-16 17:50:15

By Lin Xianchuan and Ma Sancheng

BEIJING, Dec. 16 -- Since the beginning of this winter, the Chinese PLA Tibet Military Command has conducted thorough surveys on the demand of the frontier troops and spared no efforts to solve problems related to power supply, drinking water, heating, oxygen supply, healthcare and toileting to ensure winter supplies for troops stationed on the plateau.  

In early 2019, the PLA Tibet Military Command made its mind to solve the aforesaid problems suffered by its affiliated troops within two years. To date, such problems have been permanently eradicated from almost all of the frontier military barracks.

Considering the difficulties in mountainous areas after the roads were blocked by snow, the Tibet Military Command has introduced new technologies such as solar power heating system, new energy container camps and multi-power complementary demonstration system to guarantee the supply of heating and hot water. It also managed to incorporate those posts into the overall plan of the national power grid.

To optimize service support for border posts, the Command has installed oxygen generation facilities in all garrison and training places, and signed healthcare service agreements with local hospitals to ensure frontier troops enjoy high-quality, convenient medical services.

Moreover, it has formulated and improved standards, management rules and operating mechanisms for the logistic support forces according to specific environments, border defense tasks and needs of frontier troops. For instance, it revised standards involving oil supply for heating and power generation, upgrade of supplies and equipment, and construction of plateau barracks.


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