Chinese Air Force debuts online psychological counselling platform

Global Times
Li Jiayao

The Northern Theater Command Air force of the PLA launched its first online psychological counselling platform for soldiers and their families on its WeChat account in the middle of January.

The platform was widely praised by the PLA soldiers and their families soon after its launch due to its high level of privacy and instant and convenient interaction. The launch of the platform is an innovative advance for the Air Force in terms of psychological services.

In order to establish a new platform for psychological education and counselling in the Air Force, the political work department of the Northern Theater Command integrated three platforms, including its Party committee website, WeChat account and psychological counselling hotline. Renowned experts from different military services such as the Army and Rocket Force, and 36 famous psychiatrists from the Air Force were invited to guarantee that professional services were offered.

In addition, 15 editors are responsible for the platform's daily operations. A psychological education and service system has been established both online and offline.

A soldier surnamed Wang suffered from depression due to physical and psychological pressure from the extreme cold weather during his training in the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region. His depression was dealt with in a timely manner after he consulted an expert via the internet.

The platform provides psychological counselling for soldiers on a daily basis. Through the exchange of information, on-site services and regular training, the psychological service platform also serves as a communication channel for the Northern Theatre Command's psychiatrists' team.

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