PLA naval yachting team achieves good results in Commandant's Cup Sailing Regatta 2023 in Sri Lankan


China Military Online
Lin Congyi
2023-02-05 16:52:30

The members of the PLA Dalian Naval Academy yachting team take a group photo with award certificates in hands.


BEIJING, Feb. 2 -- The yachting team of the PLA Dalian Naval Academy had made good scores in the Commandant’s Cup Sailing Regatta 2023 organized by the Sri Lankan Navy recently.


The events of the competition hosted by Sri Lanka Naval and Maritime Academy (NMA) were divided into two categories, the cup competition and the open championship. Each category involved two ship types, namely the enterprise-class and the laser-redial-class. The competition was attended by a total of nine teams from China, India, Italy, Pakistan and Sri Lanka, and has been the first international yachting event attended by the PLA Dalian Naval Academy since 2020.


The two-day maritime yachting competition was extremely intense. The Chinese team played with flexible adjustment of tactics and reasonable usage of the rules, while overcoming the difficulties such as short preparation time and lack of corresponding ship types at school. It had won the second places in the laser-radial-class individual competition and the team competition, as well as the third place in the open team championship. During the events, the participants visited the Naval and Maritime Academy of Sri Lanka and had extensive and in-depth exchanges with their counterparts from various countries.


The Commandant’s Cup Sailing Regatta had been initiated annually in 2018, but suspended since 2020 due to the impact of COVID-19. From now on, the event will be carried on a yearly basis with aims to promote communication and exchanges between navies of different countries and enhance friendship among countries through competition.


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