Border defense regiment promotes hyperbaric oxygen chambers

China Military Online
Li Weichao
2022-11-14 20:48:46

By Li Jiang

ALI, Nov.14 -- In early winter, a regiment under the PLA Xinjiang Military Command stationed on Ali Plateau, China’s Xizang Autonomous Region, promoted the installment of hyperbaric oxygen chambers for border troops in plateau areas, in a bid to support the troops' duty performance and training exercise.

A hyperbaric oxygen chamber can supply oxygen to eight service members at the same time. As soon as they enter the cabin, air will be pumped into the chamber to increase in-door pressure, and their symptoms of altitude reaction can be significantly relieved when the chamber pressure reaches up to the same level as that at an elevation of about 2,000 meters.

While undergoing oxygen therapy, the service members can communicate with the outside through walkie-talkies, and have thorough relaxation of both body and mind by adjusting the music system inside.

Meanwhile, specific treatments are provided to different persons based on their health conditions and service years in the plateau areas, so as to ensure oxygen therapy efficiency. Special attention is paid to the health care of recruits who have just come to the plateau, in a bid to effectively shorten their plateau adaptation period.

"Compared with previous time, the present oxygen therapy is more targeted and has more stable effect," said Sergeant Second Class Wang Dun.

Next, the regiment will give better play to the role of the hyperbaric oxygen chamber, with the health status of each service member registered and tracked, to keep stepping up efforts to prevent the occurrence and development of diseases.

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