Eastern Theatre Command conducts joint-military operations around Taiwan Island

China Military Online
Lin Congyi
2022-08-03 16:49:31

BEIJING, Aug. 3 -- Beginning from the evening of Aug. 2, the PLA Eastern Theatre Command has successively launched a series of joint military operations around the Taiwan Island. Naval-air joint drills were carried out in the north, southwest and southeast waters and airspace off the Taiwan Island. In addition, combat troops under the theater command will conduct long-range strike live shooting in the Taiwan Strait, and conventional missile firepower test launching in the eastern waters off the Taiwan Island.

“This round of joint military operations is a necessary response to the dangerous move made by the US and Taiwan authorities on the Taiwan question. The Eastern Theatre Command has organized troops of multiple services and arms to conduct targeted training exercises of joint blockade, strikes on land and maritime targets, airspace control operations as well as the live firing of precision-guided munitions. While comprehensively verifying the performance of the equipment and the joint combat capability of the troops, we have made full preparedness for all crisis situations,” said Maj. Gen. Gu Zhong, deputy chief of staff of the PLA Eastern Theatre Command.

He sternly warned that those who visit Taiwan with evil motives and the “Taiwan Independence” forces must know that the PLA Eastern Theatre Command troops are fully confident and capable of fighting off any provocations to firmly safeguard China's sovereignty and territorial integrity.


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