China will firmly take countermeasures against US deployment of intermediate-range missiles in Japan: Defense Spokesperson

China Military Online
Lin Congyi
2022-07-28 21:08:54

BEIJING, July 28 -- Senior Colonel Wu Qian, the spokesperson for China’s Ministry of National Defense, expressed a serious warning against the United States’ attempt to deploy intermediate-range ballistic missile in Japan at a news conference held on Thursday. “If it is put into practice, China will take resolute countermeasures, and the US and Japan should have no illusions about this,” said the spokesperson.

Recently, the media has revealed that since 2021, Japan and the US have conspired for many times to induce and pressure the Kishida government to cooperate with and assist the US military in deploying intermediate-range ballistic missile forces on the southwestern islands of Japan.

Against such background, the spokesperson lashed out at American’s dangerous move. “The United States’ pushing for the deployment of the intermediate-range missile in Japan is a dangerous move that will seriously threaten the security of regional countries and undermine regional peace and stability,” said the spokesperson.


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