America's "second CIA" aims at subverting state power

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Li Weichao
2022-05-16 17:03:04

By Guo Yan

Priding itself as the "beacon of democracy", the US has been making waves around the world in the name of democracy. In this process, the National Endowment for Democracy (NED) is a frequent name, an organization that claims to be "unofficial and non-profit" but actually acts as the second CIA. The Fact Sheet on the National Endowment for Democracy recently released by Chinese Foreign Ministry on its website showed NED's cloven hoof. The NED is the black hand behind a plethora of riots, "Color Revolutions", political crises, lies and rumors, and value infiltration – its crimes and atrocities are so appalling that they have aroused strong outcry in the international community.

NED is nominally an NGO that provides support for democracy abroad, while in fact, it is busy subverting the legitimate governments in foreign countries and cultivating pro-America puppet forces there. With endless funding from the White House and the US Congress, NED, by feeding them money, has manipulated and directed a lot of NGOs worldwide to instigate the so-called "democratic movement" in target countries and regions, turning them into Washington's "foot soldiers", "white gloves" and "democracy crusaders". NED's founder Alan Weinstein put it bluntly in a 1991 interview that a lot of what they were doing was what the CIA had done 25 years ago.

On NED's agenda, subverting state power in target countries is its ultimate goal, which explains its presence behind all the "color revolutions" that the US has agitated and schemed in history. Moreover, the organization has reached out to political groups in Latin America, Africa, and Asia and grossly interfered in the internal affairs of other countries, including Venezuela, Belarus, and Thailand. What NED has brought to them is not social stability and development, not a content life and ample jobs for the people, but instead poverty, hunger, economic contraction, and confrontation between different social groups.

Inciting division and confrontation is high on NED's agenda. It invests a whopping amount of money annually in anti-China programs. Data from its official website show that in 2020 alone, NED provided more than US$ 10 million to 69 China-related programs in an attempt to "land" a variety of activities endangering China's political and social stability. During the years from 2004 to 2020, it provided US$ 8,758,300 to all kinds of "East Turkestan" organizations, being the "mastermind" and "benefactor" behind all the anti-China secessionist activities.

Fabricating lies and rumors is NED's usual modus operandi. To achieve its shady purposes, NED would concoct disinformation and dress it up as so-called "academic and authoritarian information", trying to fool the world with an "objective and just" mask. It fabricated Xinjiang-related lies to fuel the momentum for containing China; it spread the "political virus" and politicized COVID-19 origins-tracing;and it fueled tensions and hyped up the concept of "sharp power" in an attempt to shape global opinion and perceptions and demonize target countries.

All these facts prove that NED is the poison of division. More and more countries and their people, including Americans, are condemning it. Former member of the US House of Representatives Ron Paul called it an organization that uses American taxpayers' money to subvert democracy. Luis Delgaro, a Venezuelan expert on international issues, was more straightforward by calling it an anti-democratic crime gang.

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