Frigates conduct maritime combat drill

China Military Online
Lin Congyi
2022-05-15 15:54:19
The frigate Enshi attached to a naval frigate flotilla under the PLA Southern Theatre Command sails during a maritime combat training exercise in May 2022. ( Zhang Bin)

BEIJING, May 15 -- In early May, frigates Enshi (Hull 627) and Wuzhou (Hull 626) assigned to a frigate flotilla of the navy under the PLA Southern Theatre Command conducted a high-intensity multi-subject combat training exercise at a sea area to verify the troops' operational commanding and coordinating abilities in realistic battalefield scenario.

During the excercise, which lasted for couple of days,the two frigates practiced all-times and all-dimensional offense and defense training items including the air-defense, main gun shooting, destroying floating mines in fast-changing battlefield scenarios. Meanwhile, the items of vessel towing, ship-based choper landing and take-off and underway replenshiment were also embeded in the whole course of the excercise.

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