Laser-based wind radar provides meteorological support for Beijing Winter Olympics

China Military Online
Lin Congyi
2022-01-17 20:23:37

BEIJING, Jan. 17 -- With the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games coming soon, at the request of the China Meteorological Administration, the Norla Institute of Technical Physics (NITF) of China North Industries Group Corporation Limited (NORINCO Group) has brought laser-based wind radar to provide wind measurement for the winter Olympic snow events.

In the skiing events, the athletes are easily affected by the sudden changes of longitudinal winds and cross winds on the snow tracks during a high-speed descent. Therefore, real-time wind monitoring, together with early warning, becomes a key to ensure the successful operation.

The FC-III laser-based wind measurement radar provided by NITF has the advantages of long measurement distance, high precision, small size, good reliability, strong environmental adaptability, and easy maintenance. It has been operating smoothly in many domestic airports and facilities, as well as on many ships.

Besides, NITF has optimized the radar and developed a ski-track mode, with accordance to the actual conditions of snow events. After long-term on-site verification, the radar can meet the strict requirements for the meteorological service support of the Winter Olympics. At present, four sets of this equipment are operating normally on site and the service personnel are all ready in place.

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