PLA Army kicks off military training for 2022

China Military Online
Lin Congyi, Li Weichao
2022-01-06 00:24:16

BEIJING, Jan.5 -- To implement the mobilization order of the Central Military Commission (CMC) for the military training in 2022, the PLA Army organized a mobilization ceremony for the new training session in 2022 with the main venue set at the training ground of an army aviation brigade under the 81st Group Army on January 4.

Chinese President Xi Jinping, also general secretary of the Communist Party of China Central Committee and chairman of the CMC, signed Tuesday a mobilization order for the military training of the armed forces in 2022. The order declared the start of military training for the year.

At the site of the mobilization ceremony, officers and soldiers in new Type-21 winter combat uniforms were fully armed with high morale. Upon receiving the starting command, more than 30 military aircrafts soared into the sky and successively performed preemptive fire strikes, UAV reconnaissance, and troops’ airlanding from helicopters for ground combats. Troops with new combat capabilities of special operations, long-distance fire strike, intelligence reconnaissance, electronic countermeasures and air assault staged an on-site demonstration of joint training. Meanwhile, the training mobilizations held in different troop units of the PLA Army were synchronously displayed on the large digital screen at the main venue in Beijing,.

With the PLA Army's continuous upgrading of transformation and construction in recent years, troops with new combat capabilities have become increasingly prominent as the main combat forces. The special operations force, long-range firepower strike force and army aviation force have seen growth in several times, the improvement of long-distance striking capacity, and the utilization of more drones, helicopters and long-range firepower strike force all bring the PLA Army closer to the strategic requirements of being able to perform mobile operations and multi-dimensional offense and defense.

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