China Coast Guard confiscates foreign smuggling "mother ship"

China Military Online
Huang Panyue
2021-11-26 18:30:54

BEIJING, Nov. 26 -- The Shandong Provincial High People’s Court announced the final judgment on the massive smuggling case, which involved RMB 12.3 billion in total, solved by the Shandong Provincial Coast Guard and Shandong Provincial Public Security authorities.

The captain and first mate of the large foreign smuggling cargo ship (the so-called “mother ship”) were sentenced to seven and six years in prison separately on the charge of smuggling of general cargo. They will be evicted and the ship involved will be confiscated.

Featuring a large amount of money involved and frozen, the case is the first time that China Coast Guard (CCG) busted and confiscated a foreign smuggling mother ship in Chinese waters and rooted up the smuggling ring along the whole chain from procurement overseas, transshipment on the sea, to distribution in China.


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