China Coast Guard cracks down on smuggling

China Military Online
Li Jiayao
2021-10-12 17:58:25
The joint law enforcement fleet cruises in formation. (Photo by Jing Minguo)

By Gu Junfeng, Chen Jiachao and Wang Linwei

GUANGDONG, Oct 12 -- The China Coast Guard (CCG) Guangdong Bureau, Guangdong Provincial Department of Public Security, together with law enforcement and market supervision departments, and the Hong Kong marine police, carried out the "Operation Clearing the Bay" from October 1 to 7. The operation aimed to crack down on illegal ships including high-powered speedboats, as well as ships providing refueling, accommodation and other services.

The operation uncovered 55 gang smuggling cases, arrested 353 criminal suspects, seized 860 illegal ships, and investigated 49 illegal shipyards, as well as 62 illegal cold storages and trading places. A batch of imported engines, vehicles, frozen products, oil products and contraband products has been detained.

This operation was the first joint law enforcement operation in the waters of Guangdong and Hong Kong carried out by the CCG, public security, and Hong Kong marine police. The involved parties had dispatched ships to form a joint law enforcement fleet and improved the joint strike capabilities of Guangdong and Hong Kong in an all-round way.

The Guangdong Coast Guard will continue to closely work with relevant functional departments to maintain high-pressure and severe crackdown on maritime illegal and criminal activities, and safeguard the security and stability in this area.

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