Chinese peacekeepers to Lebanon pass UN environmental assessment

China Military Online
Xu Yi
2021-10-11 17:47:41

BEIRUT, Oct. 11 -- The 20th Chinese peacekeeping construction engineering contingent to Lebanon passed the UN’s environmental assessment with a high score on October 8, local time.

It is learned that the environmental assessment is an important indicator by which the UN examines whether the peacekeeping troops assigned by various countries can effectively fulfill their tasks.

The assessment conducted by the Environmental Management Unit (EMU) of the Command of UN Interim Force in Lebanon (UNIFIL) covered more than 40 subjects under five categories. The assessors examined the water management, sewage treatment, energy efficiency, solid waste disposal, and medical waste treatment in such areas as the living quarters, level-1 hospital, kitchen, supplies warehouse, water & power chamber, and garbage pool, following the environmental policies and standards for peacekeeping forces.

“You have done an excellent job in garbage sorting, recycling, energy conservation and environmental protection, and barracks greening. Peacekeepers from other countries should learn from you,” said Hussein, an assessor, after two hours of careful examination.

According to Du Tingjun, head of the military group of the contingent, the contingent has completed a series of tasks since deployed to the mission area in August, including engineering inspection, construction of the barracks for UNIFIL Command, and restoration of the shooting range. It has also passed the first military competence assessment and equipment inspection. At present, the contingent is in the middle of construction work, with the VA-2 road serving both military and civilian purposes and the projects like the 1-21 barracks for Ghana peacekeepers to be completed by mid-October.


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