"Red tours" stand out during National Day holiday

Li Jiayao
2021-10-07 00:38:59

BEIJING, Oct. 6 (Xinhua) -- Red tourism, which refers to visiting historical sites with revolutionary legacies, has gained popularity during the National Day holiday.

Visitors to revolutionary sites in east China's Ruijin in Jiangxi Province line up in front of the "red well," which was excavated by the Red Army nearly 90 years ago, to get a taste of the water.

Pan Jianguo and his family, who are from Guangdong, were among the visitors. "We visited the place to learn about how the Communist Party of China (CPC) had established great achievements in such an arduous environment," said Pan.

Local statistics showed that Ruijin, a city of significance in CPC history, received nearly 370,000 visitors in the first three days of the week-long holiday, up 114.5 percent year on year.

In 2021, red tourism has become even more popular as the CPC centenary comes. According to figures from China's online travel agency Ctrip, in the first half of this year, the booking volume of red tourist attractions increased more than twice year on year.

During the holiday, people have been queuing up to visit the CPC History Museum in Beijing, even in rain.

"My wife and I will take our granddaughter to this museum in the next visit to show her the course of the Party's struggle," said Hong Junling, a retiree, who is convinced that the exhibition on CPC history will motivate children to cherish the present happy days and inspire their confidence in development in the future.

The memorial of the First National Congress of the CPC, which opened in Shanghai, has also been a popular destination for visitors. "I am applying for Party membership, and I want to learn more about the great founding spirit of the CPC in the memorial," said Liu Yiwen, a university student.

Shanghai has released a guideline to boost the development of local red tourism, which proposes that the municipality should be the red tourism "highland" in China and one of the most attractive red tourism destinations by 2025.

The application of modern acoustic and optic technologies brings an immersive experience to visitors of revolutionary sites, enabling them to have a deeper resonance with history.

In an immersive drama reenacting the founding of the CPC-led armed forces staged in Nanchang August 1st Memorial Hall, some of the audience put on military uniforms and performed roles in the play.

The audience, as part of the performance, can have a more vivid experience of history, said Wang Xiaoling, head of the Memorial Hall.

Revolutionary sites and memorials should be increasingly open and convenient to visitors in the future, said Dai Bin, director of the China Tourism Academy, calling for more interactions with visitors to show them the change of the times and ignite patriotism.

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