Amphibious armored vehicles make ways to beach-head

Amphibious armored vehicles attached to a brigade of the army under the PLA Eastern Theater Command fire at mock targets after arriving at the beach. The Army brigade has organized amphibious landing drills on subjects of landing craft ferrying, assault wave formation, beach-landing, obstacle breaking and so on. ( by Zeng Bingyang)
后方炮兵群进行火力打击。盛夏时节,东部战区陆军某旅开展登陆战斗演练,演练围绕泛水编波、渡中拔点、扫残破障、突击上陆等课目展开。(英文中国军网、英文国防部网/曾冰阳 摄影报道)

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Source:China Military Online