Troops in Zhejiang Province join typhoon rescues

China Military Online
Huang Panyue
2021-07-26 17:32:15

HANGZHOU, July 26 – This year’s sixth typhoon In-Fa, which formed in July 18, made landfall at Putuo District, Zhoushan City in east China’s Zhejiang Province, at around 12:30 on July 25. Military members, militia and reserve forces stationed in Zhejiang quickly join typhoon emergency rescues in the frontlines.

After the typhoon landed, the logistic support troops under the PLA Eastern Theater Command released information on the time and location of the typhoon landfall, wind force, rain, and flood conditions in a timely manner to provide information support for the Theater's joint command center to make decisions and for troops to carry out emergency rescues.

On the afternoon of July 24, a brigade of the PLA 72nd Group Army rushed to Xiangshan County, Ningbo City to seal breached levees and urgently transferred the elderly in the local nursing home to a safe place.

A vehicle transport battalion and a warehouse of the naval aviation with the PLA Eastern Theater Command engaged in tasks such as transferring the masses and strengthening the cofferdam.

Troops assigned to the Chinese People's Armed Police (PAP) Force in Zhejiang Province sent soldiers to participate in emergency rescue tasks. The PAP Shaoxing Detachment rushed to Xialv Town, Keqiao District to transfer 32 trapped villagers on the evening of July 24.

On the morning of July 25th, a dangerous situation occurred in the embankment on the Yongjiang River in Jiangbei District of Ningbo City and the seawall of Zhapu Port in Jiaxing City. The PAP Ningbo Detachment and the PAP Jiaxing Detachment formed a joint rescue force with local emergency management departments to quickly reinforce the dam.

The General Hospital of the PLA Eastern Theater Command launched an emergency plan to prepare for typhoon medical assistance. The No.903 Hospital of the Joint Logistic Support Force (JLSF) held a mobilization and deployment meeting to gather personnel, vacate beds, and prepare supplies. The No. 906 Hospital of the JLSF established an emergency rescue medical unit.

The PLA Zhejiang Provincial Military Command organized a militia unit to rush to the frontline. As of 4 p.m. on July 25, the PLA Zhejiang Provincial Military Command had deployed a total of 9,186 militias, rescued and transferred 93,593 people, assisted in setting up 281 shelters, filled more than 43,100 sandbags, reinforced dams of 9,210 meters, blocked 50 piping, and repaired 6,160 meters of roads.


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