The power of faith

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Li Wei
2021-07-05 22:44:36


Soldiers from the 10th Squadron of the 4th Detachment of the Shanghai Corps of the Chinese People's Armed Police Force are filming the short video "Soldiers Talking about Party History" at the Memorial for the Site of the First National Congress of the Communist Party of China.

Corporal Chen Kang became a Party history docent because of an operation. Before enlisted, Chen was a martial arts coach and had already obtained coach’s certificate from the Chinese Wushu Association and the certificate for the national level-I martial arts referee. However, after a surgery operation, he could no longer take high-intensity training, which was a heavy blow to the young man who dreamed of standing out in the squadron based on his physical advantages. His leaders and comrades-in-arms told him that "even if you cannot excel in physical training, you can pursue your dream of excellence in other positions." Their words were not lost on Chen Kang, and, being in a squadron keen on the study of Party history, he found a new goal – to be an excellent Party history docent.

In March this year, Chen became a member of the PAP’s publicity team for Party history learning and education. He participated in 58 publicity activities in six provinces and cities, involving 14,200 service members.

"As I grew up, I never got one single certificate for merit student, but I won a Third-Class Merit Citation last year, and my mother burst into tears with excitement when the notice was delivered home. At that moment, I felt proud of myself and of being a member of the 10th Squadron," said Chen Kang.

On June 9, the 100th issue of the program named “Soldiers Talking about Party History” produced by the armed policemen of the squadron was released. This series of short videos, known as a “star Party lesson” online, has been quite sought after since they were launched and received over 300 million hits.

When the 100th issue came online, Private First Class He Jun’s eyes got wet. He applied to join in the video production team last year, and in the preparation of video scripts and footage shooting, he and the other team members looked up more than 40 books, including the Contemporary History of China and A Brief History of the Communist Party of China, and visited 26 Red venues in Shanghai, including former residences of Mao Zedong, Zhou Enlai, and Chen Wangdao, who translated the first full Chinese version of The Communist Manifesto in August 1920.

“Every time we create a new issue, I feel like engaging in dialogue with the young patriots a hundred years ago and feeling the power of faith,” said He Jun.

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