Women Red Army's tenacity inspires young generations

China Daily
Wang Xinjuan
2021-06-27 16:55:51

More than 80 years ago, Edgar Snow, a journalist from the United States, came to China's Shaanxi province and became an important witness to Chinese history. In his book Red Star Over China, he recorded one of the most important periods of contemporary China — the Long March.

During the Long March, the Women Red Army undertook multiple responsibilities. In addition to fighting in fierce battles and participating in intense marches, they were also experts in medical care and food cultivation and worked to rescue the sick and wounded.

When the troops stopped for breaks, they organized activities such as singing, dancing and playing instruments to boost the army's morale.

The Women Red Army used their unique tenacity to fight desperately against the harsh environment and made outstanding contributions to the victory of the Chinese revolution.

Their stories set a glorious model for China's young generations and are inspiring millions of women nowadays.

Peng Yuxin and Du Ke from Tsinghua University contributed to the story and video.


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