Chinese peacekeepers to Mali complete renewal of prefabricated houses in camp

China Military Online
Li Jiayao
2021-04-20 15:54:19
The picture shows the prefabricated houses in the camp rebuilt by the Chinese peacekeeping medical contingent to Mali.

BEIJING, Apr. 20 -- Recently, the 63 members of the Chinese peacekeeping medical contingent to Mali completed the task of rebuilding their 56 prefabricated houses in the camp.

The old houses in the Chinese peacekeeping camp have been in use for eight years and severely damaged, featuring aging lines and lack of anti-riot and sun-proof functions. They can barely meet the needs of the peacekeepers’ daily life.

The Chinese medical team independently formulated the overall constructing plan. With 123 days in total, the team completed the rebuilding task while overcoming the harsh natural conditions such as the scorching heat in local area.

The newly built prefabricated houses have been divided into the medical care zone, entertainment zone and cafeteria zone, with various rooms reasonably seperated within, such as the conference room, triage room, fitness room and foreign affairs restaurants, to ensure the daily needs of the team.

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