Jieyang city in Guangdong reconstructs provincial road for combat readiness

China Military Online
Chen Lufan
2020-11-18 11:26:34

JIEYANG, Nov.18 -- Recently a brigade of the PLA Navy organized an emergency response drill, with an airborne battalion quickly arriving at the designated area. The whole process is smooth and efficient. "The dispatch time is 15 percent faster compared with the past," said Huang Jianghong, the battalion commander at the scene.

When the brigade was removed to Jieyang City, Guangdong Province in 2017, their new barracks covered a large area, but had been traversed by a provincial road. The road divided the military camp into two parts, and connected to a highway at one end and a tourist attraction at the other end. During weekends or holidays, the road was always crowded with queues, which caused big troubles to the troop's combat readiness.

In view of the jam and inconvenience , leaders of the Jieyang Municipal Party Committee visited the site several times in November last year, convened meetings involving competent parties, and finalized a new road detour which would build a new provincial road and dedicate the old one to the troops for combat readiness.

The municipal government allocated special funds to promote new road and land acquisition within one month. The commanding officers of brigade also took the initiative to cooperate with the local government to mobilize local residents to relocate, and properly handle with their resettlements.

Despite the inconvenience caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, a new 1.7 kilometer-long provincial road bypassed the camp and opened to traffic in just six months, under the joint efforts of multiple parties.

It is learnt that Jieyang City has successively allocated a number of lands for military construction, and has assisted in solving practical problems for service members in local garrison, such as children enrollment, family members' medical treatment, etc.


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