"Taiwan independence" secessionist forces are doomed to get burnt when playing with fire

China Military Online
Li Jiayao
2020-10-14 17:30:19
The above picture shows a screenshot of a report by the Chinese national broadcaster China Central Television (CCTV).

By Shi Wei

Recently, the national security organs of the Chinese mainland organized and implemented a special operation dubbed Thunder-2020 Crackdown to stop infiltration and sabotage activities of Taiwan region’s spy and intelligence agencies in accordance with the law, busted hundreds of espionage cases, and captured a group of Taiwanese spies and operators, as subsequently reported by XINWEN LIANBO and Focus, two of CCTV’s most popular news programs.

These incidents once again reminded the general public to be wary of the gamesmanship of “Taiwan independence” secessionist forces; at the same time, they also served to warn the “Taiwan independence” secessionist forces that the non-recognition of the 1992 Consensus embodying the one-China principle is endangering national security and undermining the reunification of the motherland, and any separatist attempt for “Taiwan independence” is doomed to fail.

However, upon the program broadcast, the relevant departments of the DPP authority responded that this was a “political hype” by the Chinese mainland targeting at “undermining the development of cross-Strait relations.” The “public representatives” of DPP have also followed suit, claiming that the Chinese mainland “framed” Taiwan personnel for espionage.

These reactions from Taiwan region have confused the right and wrong, deliberately obscuring the issue. Judging from the reported case by CCTV Focus, Li Mengju, a criminal suspect and director of a Taiwan separatist organization “Taiwan United Nations Alliance (TAIUNA)”, sneaked into Shenzhen to spy on the deployment of the People’s Armed Police (PAP) Force, and sent a large number of videos and pictures he took of the deployment to the Taiwan separatist group, as evidenced by the videos, photos, chat records, flyers, and tools used to commit crimes.

According to the appraisal results, the 16 videos and 48 photos taken by Li Mengju could be analyzed by professional intelligence agencies to obtain the troops number of PAP force as a whole, the status quo of the main battle equipment, and the combat intent and scale. Li’s case of illegally spying on national secrets for hostile forces has seriously endangered national security. Such an action is bound to be severely punished according to the law which ever country or region he lives in.

However, some people in Taiwan region just turned a blind eye to the clear evidence and took the so-called “freedom and human rights” as a guise with unreasonable demands. This has made people see more clearly how the “Taiwan independence” secessionist forces do not have the nerve to admit their actions of hurting cross-Strait relations.

As we all know, besides Li’s case, there are still many other cases about the “Taiwan independence” secessionist forces’ interference in Hong Kong affairs. Since the law amendment disturbance broke out in Hong Kong in 2019, the “Taiwan independence” secessionist forces have played many disgraceful roles. Following the implementation of the Hong Kong National Security Law, the DPP authority has set up a special department to facilitate those separatists fleeing from Hong Kong to Taiwan.

The DPP authority, who has got deeply involved in Hong Kong affairs, should ask themselves, who on earth is really undermining the development of cross-Strait relations?


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