Boxed semi-finished nutrition snacks delivered to Gobi outposts

China Military Online
Li Jiayao
2020-10-12 22:34:36

By Liu Guohui and An Puzhong

CEHNGDU, Oct. 12 -- Recently, the front-line outposts of a base under the Chinese People's Liberation Army Strategic Support Force have been supplied with semi-finished food including vegetables and meat which are preserved in the vacuum airtight boxes to keep freshness. The label on the boxes display detailed cooking instructions, production date and expiration date.

The logistics department of the base has established a semi-finished food processing center to produce and deliver semi-finished food for front-line sentry outposts stationed in the Gobi desert.

Each vacuum airtight box contains two meat dishes, two vegetable dishes and one soup for three persons per serving. The standardized semi-finished foods are delivered to the frontline sentry posts regularly every week.

According to the feedback of a telephone survey conducted by the logistics department of the base, more than 90 percent of the front-line outposts gave high marks to the quality of the semi-finished food.

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