Young men commended for legal handling of drone trespassing military facility

China Military Online
Li Jiayao
2020-08-13 17:33:53

By Chen Zhixin and Zhang Xiaofeng

CHIZHOU, Aug. 13 -- Seven pre-recruited youths from Chizhou City of East China’s Anhui Province, detected and dealt promptly with an incident of a drone illegally shooting military installations on August 8. They were thus commended by the Chizhou Military Sub-command under the PLA Eastern Theater Command and were recommended as priority candidates for enlistment in the summer and autumn recruitment of 2020.

Fang Zhenjun, one of the seven youths, passed the physical examination and political assessment in the summer and autumn recruitment campaign last year. Due to quota restrictions, he was put into the pre-recruited applicants list because he is relatively younger. However, in a bid to learn more about the life in barracks, he applied to join the local militia.

At 9:50 a.m. on August 8, Fang found a rotary-wing drone flying over the Chizhou Militia Weapon and Equipment Depot when he was on duty. He immediately reported to Fang Panpan, the chief on duty at the arsenal. The chief immediately led seven pre-recruited young applicants to track the drone controller in different directions.

At 10:30 am, Zhu Zhenhua, also a pre-recruited young man, found a non-local vehicle and two local personnel suspicious and immediately reported the situation on the road of a residential area 1.5 kilometers away from the depot. Other rescuers then rushed to the scene and controlled the drone operators and their aerial photography equipment and vehicles. At the same time, they reported to the local police station and informed their superiors.

After joint inspection, the drone turned out to be owned by a local company. The two drone controllers were employees of the company and were temporarily entrusted by the local land department to conduct land use confirmation registration surveys. On account of the department did not notify the military management unit and the entrusting company of the relevant situation beforehand, the company's drone illegally broke into the military management area.

By the relevant provisions of the Law of the People's Republic of China on the Protection of Military Installations, military and civilian staff temporarily detained a drone aerial photography set, an Internet laptop, and a local licensed vehicle and removed those illegally captured images and videos of military facilities.

To commend and award the 7 pre-recruited youths for their timely actions to maintain the security of military facilities in accordance with the law, the local military sub-command recommended them as priority enlistment targets while circulating a notice of commendation.

At the same time, the local military department notified other local departments of the incident, organized the promotion of laws and regulations related to the protection of military facilities to guide the whole society to safeguard the interests of national defense in accordance with the law.

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