Chinese troops set out for "Golden Dragon 2020" China-Cambodia joint training

China Military Online
Li Wei
2020-03-12 19:34:24
The Chinese participants

By Chen Dianhong and Li Yang

GUILIN, Mar. 12 -- The setting out ceremony for over 200 Chinese troops participating in the "Golden Dragon 2020" China-Cambodia joint training was held in South China’s Guilin city on March 11, 2020.

According to the consensus reached between China and Cambodia, the two armed forces will hold joint training themed on counter-terrorism training and humanitarian relief from March 14 to April 1.

It is learnt that the training consists of two phases: mixed group training and comprehensive training. The first phase mainly focuses on such specialized training subjects as counter-terrorism equipment use, light weapon live-fire shooting, hand-to-hand combat, explosive ordnance detection and disposal, air-borne landing, pursuit and suppression of terrorists, etc. The second phase focuses on comprehensive counter-terrorism drill.

The joint training will involve more than 800 troops from both sides, with the Chinese participants mainly coming from the PLA 75th Group Army. Over 40 pieces of training equipment, including helicopters, armored vehicles, self-propelled artilleries and wheeled vehicles will be delivered from China to Cambodia by various means of land, sea and air transportations.

Among them, the air transport echelon and helicopter echelon will arrive in Cambodia before March 14, while the maritime transport echelon will arrive at the Sihanoukville Autonomous Port (PAS) in Cambodia before March 12. The "Golden Dragon" joint military training series is an important project of pragmatic cooperation between the Chinese and Cambodian armed forces, with "Golden Dragon 2020" marking the fourth edition of its kind.

Compared with the previous drills, "Golden Dragon 2020" is labeled with larger troop scale and more advanced and diversified weaponry. China will deploy its new type of helicopter and self-propelled artillery for the first time. At the same time, the content of this joint training will focus on actual combat as well as the training of coordinated command and joint action capabilities.

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