China, Germany to hold joint military exercise on medical support

Chen Zhuo
2019-07-03 01:10:30

BEIJING, July 2 (Xinhua) -- Chinese and German militaries will hold a joint exercise on medical support from July 3 to 17 in Munich, Germany, said a source with the Health Bureau of the Logistic Support Department of the Central Military Commission of China Tuesday.

The exercise will be based on the joint operation of medical support teams from the two militaries in international humanitarian medical rescue missions and will focus on tasks including joint command, rescue and disease control.

Most of the 91 members of the Chinese military medical support team bound for Munich have had experience in major tasks such as international peace-keeping, flood emergency rescue and earthquake relief.

The upcoming exercise will be the second military drill on medical support jointly held by Chinese and German militaries, with the first held in southwest China's Chongqing Municipality in 2016, the source said.

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