Women in ethnic costumes patrol Lijiang Ancient Town

China Daily
Li Jiayao

Among the unusual sights that draw the attention of visitors in Lijiang Ancient Town is women patrol troops wearing traditional Naxi ethnic costumes.

On March 19, 2018, the "Women Militia Service Unit" at Lijiang Ancient Town was established under the management of the local military affairs bureau. A week later, the team officially began participating in their daily patrols.

The service team is composed of female employees from the Lijiang Ancient Town Protection Administration Bureau and guides at the scenic spots.

While doing their job - maintaining order at scenic spots, especially during emergencies - team members challenge themselves with intensive training.

Team member Yu Mingfei said that they patrol around the ancient town every day. During their patrol, they will help to maintain order in the scenic areas, for example, by inspecting shops to ensure tourism regulations are followed.

At the same time, they help to maintain a clean tourist environment and eliminate potential safety hazards.

For them, the patrol task is an extra part of the work. All the members of the team are actively involved in professional training while fulfilling their own duties.

They are striving to provide a harmonious, quiet, happy, comfortable and safe environment for tourists. And in return, their good performance has received unanimous praise from visitors to the town.

Yang Fen, another team member, said she is very proud to make a contribution to the Lijiang Ancient Town. Her family also supports her very much. They felt that they could make Lijiang better and better by contributing their own strength to the world cultural heritage in their hometown.


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